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While I understand the concept of locking threads..  I think its really counter productive.  I think the GMs should be thankful these topics are here instead of off on some discord.  So you guys can participate and communicate with the community. I can hear some of the player base laugh at me for saying that, but its true.  We dont have to work our problems out here.  We choose to.

Perhaps instead of locking threads you guys should remind people of the rules and moderate.   Find a way to make it fun for you and start reconnecting with us.  We need you.  Maybe you could post a funny cat face or a graphic over what they posted that wasnt ok.  

I know at times the community isnt respectful towards you guys as well.  The resentment and bitter comments are a side effect of a much bigger problem.   There really are  a lot of people who care about this game.  We need you with us now.. more than ever.  @Kibbelz @Loki  @aioncommunity

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We have to do their jobs. They should all be fired.

When people were having trouble with GameGuard nothing from any of the morons running the forums, I had to respond to people and check with support what the right way to get help on it and pass it on to people. In the other threads about terrible events and missing promises nothing but silence. I don't know who is worse One or Kibbelz and friends. Now I find out Beauty is hacking too (or was) what the heck why would she?  She heals just fine without. This is a disgrace and please don't make me prove it because I am tired of screenshots. How much money is paraly making off you guys One? Jeez he prob has a mansion.

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Modding is not about locking threads @WaceMinduobviously did what he was told to. Once again, bad approach towards playerbase, move it to appropriate section next time perhaps. - personal opinion.

Topic was, Ely complain over new WB, one person, not whole faction..

Some reactions were made, some personal attacks, had to be stopped, got that.

Without this unfortunately, we wouldn't know. Thank you all that spoke up.

Also thank you, NCSOFT west 1 man game team, for listening, i know some are hard to swallow pils, but it won't dissapear by covering your eyes. Sadly i also am aware of the little you can do about it. Still doing the little is sometimes more than enough..

Why people hack, ask their ego, guess our current state is part of the solution. They can't stop them, lets strip the content to reduce the advantage. Thank you for that vanila users, hope that paraly guy will make server just for you, so you can unleash the experience on each other with full potential 😂 take your crap elsewhere, thanks👍

Have a nice day y'all 🥔

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2 hours ago, XaiYang-KT said:

The guy who locked the threat is a moderator that i have never seen before... someone called WaceMindu. And we all know why the threat was locked, it's just kinda sad they dont have any communication with the player base here in forums

The same moderator that banned me because I used a word « cancer » referring to a game bug.

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