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Will you keep supporting this game after NEW TIA?


Will you keep supporting this game after TIA event nyerk up?  

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  1. 1. Will you keep supporting this game after TIA event nyerk up?

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    • $%&@ that (no)

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Well hello lovely community of aion, final outcome of tia event is here yay xD NPC Will be back with new prices and whatever you have to know current situation.

Since my other poll got locked, wonder why, thought of making another one so ppl can give their vote and thoughts refering the final outcome of the TIA event and more importantly refering their FUTURE support to the game.

ima copy paste what was written on the other poll to fill the void:

So this little nyerk up surely made a lot of ppl rage in here, in lfg, to their parents, yet its not the first nyerk up you have seen prolly if you have been playing this game for over a month.

You still play, you prolly still invest money. Will this little event question if you should keep supporting this game in any way? Or you will continue eventually doing the same because oh well.

The question is:

Will you keep supporting this game after TIA event nyerk up?

From my point of view, i didnt get shit from the 8h or so a lot of ppl aparently did from farming in league (Btw farming in league means doing nothing and looting what is dead for what i understand but whatever). The point is there are a lot of diferent groups of ppl who got affected with this nyerk up, if i didnt get shit because i wasnt online and other dudes got 30 omegas for looting coins or whatever everybody can be said got nyerk up but  thats only comparing to the ppl who did use the coins and are happy right now  

So i have been playing this game since 2.0 i think, i paid the sub not because i supported the excelent job the company was doing but because was the only way to play it... and at that time it sure had a lot of problems, after f2p i have never invested a dime in this. Im still playing, i wont ever give this company a cent, if im still playing its a mix of reasons but i  will continue playing after this nyerk up, i see dudes that take advantage over me all the time, with money given to ncsoft and not given to ncsoft and hacks that ncsoft allows to happen.

Over the years i feel many took the decition to stop supporting this game by leaving, if you play you keep it alive, if you pay you make it profitable, the money the company uses its not up to you, if they have 2 dudes checking if everything works its not up to you, whats up to you is supporting this game by playing.

Sadly i have to say yep ill keep supporting this game by playing, im playing less and less for a mountain of nyerk ups they surely wont fix and made me feel like not playing anymore, but well till im not gone im part of the problem.


Pretty pls dear NCsoft dont lock my thread again to keep your image clean <3 

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I'm sorry but these polls don't mean anything. The thread about the Tia Eye NPC got more than 8k views in 12 hours, sure, but let's be real: people will keep playing. It's pointless to complain that with the new prices, casual players won't be able to catch up the others or that not everyone will be able to farm the whole day: casual players left Aion time ago.

The event is more for people that want to pvp, rather than pure pve farmers. The game will continue to be like this: big fish eats the small one, until the small ones will be all dead (quit). Then the current predators will be the future prey of the biggest wallet warriors remained. It's just a matter of time, since there are not enough new players to compensate the leaving ones.

The only thing that players can do, is stop playing. It's useless to voice the discontent when NCfail still gains money from its customers. EU players have been able to convince GameForge to revert the changes in the Luna loot, after a big "strike" in game. If you want to do something "big", organize a strike: no one will log-in on a certain day. People can vote "$%&@ that (no)" but keep playing anyway. And NCfail doesn't care if this survey will get 15 no and 2 yep.

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A very wise person once told me something when I was worried about minor things :

"NC Soft is a great company with great support,I am sure they will come up with a solution...Meanwhile enjoy what you're doing in Aion and good luck.."

And so they have,many times.

This was always what I thought of this game and it's support and will always be.


Regarding this event:

What you were doing for one week,was simply running around and doing the same things over and over,a little PvP here and there.However 90%

of the time ,you are mindlessly farming elite mobs for coins.This wasn't fun for you,it was hope,that when that NPC comes back ,you would be able

to purchase tremendous amount of omega stones and tempering solutions.So to put it in once simple sentence ,what people wanted was this:

"I want to run around kill fatties,even though it's boring as hell,put as little effort as possible and get the absolute maximum rewards for the effort I've put."

Incredibly disrespectful towards Aion team and what they are trying to do,which is help everyone in game to get what they need.

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I played Aion from 1.0 to 5.0 on EU. I started on NA a couple months ago. I was hoping this event would allow me to at least get some expensive necessities to run endgame (golden plume and +10-15 gear). I wasn’t even considering pvp, I wouldn’t be half done by the time 6.0 hits.

Now honestly as soon as I get my new rig I’m back to FF14 while waiting for something better.

It has become undoable to catch up in this game as a new player. A mmo with no new players is a dead one. 

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