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Favorite Aion song?

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Im stuck on 4.0 and 4.8 login screen music. Listening to them bring back so many memories and makes me wish they made the login screens look like them now with the same music :(:x whats urs?

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I have several (order of appearance):

- Entirety of Poeta

- All snowy areas of Beluslan

- Raging Strings (that sick violin in Balaur areas) and Flying Dragon

- Entirety of Theobomos (the adventure-type style is really nice)

- Iollu Hills and Brohunir

- Crucible Colliseum (one part in particular that is a fast paced combination of strings)

- Like every single area of Sarpan and Tiamaranta

- Tiamaranta's Eye

- Raksha's Boss Room

- Boss Rooms in Tiamat Stronghold

- Dragon Lord's Refuge

- North and South of Katalam

- Infinity Shard

- Danuar Reliquary

- Sauro Supply Base

- Illuminary Obelisk

- Entirety of Kaldor (especially the fortress)

- Transidium Annex

- Dragonrest Temple

- The Sanguisands desert in Enshar

- Wyrmcast Lands

- 4.8's main theme

- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF NORSVOLD AND ILUMA (Zephyr Vale at night sometimes makes me tear)

- Fissure of Oblivion

- Spring of Knowledge in CoE (Typhon)

- Dredgion Defense

- Arena and Hall of Tenacity (it really surprised me how good this one was!)

- Bastion of Souls (Prison Camp and Altar of Serenity in particular)

- Entirety of Trials of Eternity

- Frozen Monolith (other than the entrance area which plays the DS theme)

- Mirash Sanctum (gets me pumped)


Oh, and Forgotten Sorrow, obviously.

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The Tower of Eternity original Aion main theme - Launch,

Ancient Forest - 4.0,

Silus Mountain - 4.0,

Lunadium Battle - 4.0,

Utopia - 3.0,

Astronomical Telescope - 5.0,

The Forest of Sapora - 5.0,

Wind of Destiny - 4.8,

Devil's Dance - 3.0,

War Cry - 3.0,

In Paradisum - 3.0,

Raging Strings - 1.0,

and more. :x

There were some good ones in 2.0; I just haven't listened to that album in years and can't remember which ones. The Udas temple music is like a Satanic Disney ride, though. :P

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