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Favorite Aion song?


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I have several (order of appearance):

- Entirety of Poeta

- All snowy areas of Beluslan

- Raging Strings (that sick violin in Balaur areas) and Flying Dragon

- Entirety of Theobomos (the adventure-type style is really nice)

- Iollu Hills and Brohunir

- Crucible Colliseum (one part in particular that is a fast paced combination of strings)

- Like every single area of Sarpan and Tiamaranta

- Tiamaranta's Eye

- Raksha's Boss Room

- Boss Rooms in Tiamat Stronghold

- Dragon Lord's Refuge

- North and South of Katalam

- Infinity Shard

- Danuar Reliquary

- Sauro Supply Base

- Illuminary Obelisk

- Entirety of Kaldor (especially the fortress)

- Transidium Annex

- Dragonrest Temple

- The Sanguisands desert in Enshar

- Wyrmcast Lands

- 4.8's main theme

- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF NORSVOLD AND ILUMA (Zephyr Vale at night sometimes makes me tear)

- Fissure of Oblivion

- Spring of Knowledge in CoE (Typhon)

- Dredgion Defense

- Arena and Hall of Tenacity (it really surprised me how good this one was!)

- Bastion of Souls (Prison Camp and Altar of Serenity in particular)

- Entirety of Trials of Eternity

- Frozen Monolith (other than the entrance area which plays the DS theme)

- Mirash Sanctum (gets me pumped)


Oh, and Forgotten Sorrow, obviously.

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The Tower of Eternity original Aion main theme - Launch,

Ancient Forest - 4.0,

Silus Mountain - 4.0,

Lunadium Battle - 4.0,

Utopia - 3.0,

Astronomical Telescope - 5.0,

The Forest of Sapora - 5.0,

Wind of Destiny - 4.8,

Devil's Dance - 3.0,

War Cry - 3.0,

In Paradisum - 3.0,

Raging Strings - 1.0,

and more. :x

There were some good ones in 2.0; I just haven't listened to that album in years and can't remember which ones. The Udas temple music is like a Satanic Disney ride, though. :P

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