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Check KR broker via website


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Because it should be everyone's choice to share it or not. :P

For example, you go into a battleground or open world and prepare to fight someone. You could look up their set and say "This person is stacked with MB, but no MAcc at all, I  will use an MR set instead of MS!". You have the edge over them. You should find out what set to use midway through battle at most. 

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As a dpser you should have a MB and part of a MA set at the very least. Clerics (and other supports along with templars and other classes which chose to gear up defensively) waste their time making MR, MS, Agility and Dps sets, you can at least be arsed to have 1 set and a half. Same for a physical dpser- Power set and part of a Precision set.

Additionally, there is definitely a certain delay on that website, so as if you'd look up someone's gear, it wouldn't be equal to a live /inspect (delayed only by your ping), but you'd rather get the gear they were wearing some time ago (5min, 1min, 30s- who knows).

On certain private servers, /inspect is always up and nobody ever complains about it. Your enemy has a certain set on ? Adapt. If you don't have more than one set or switch-out pieces, the enemy will always have the edge over you, whether they can see your gear or not.

Furthermore, Koreans regularly use the website before arenas start on their live streams, mostly to check what gear tier their enemy has: are they about to fight someone with maxed out gear or with an unfinished but solid set ? In NA servers, we only have arena rankings and abyss rankings to determine that, and it's very vague. A working gear widget would partly alleviate that, along with clarifying some hacking suspicions, like the people doing >2min finish time in Crucible Spire without anyone ever having seen them anywhere (as in, farming for their gear, running pvp/pve instances, etc).

But the gear section of the website has been broken since 4.x or even before so I doubt they will ever have that working again. We are more than likely only getting a new website with BnS' format copy-pasted (minus the working Wiki). No gear widget and certainly not a broker one.

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