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shugo fire temple


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ok so it seems some people STILL are having issues with this so i am going to list how / what i  know

i am NOT doing this for views ranks rating likes or anything other than helping others to learn something and fix known issues, it keeps me from having to spam my video every time ihear ppl QQ'n about these problems in LFG (id love for somebody to repost this on facebook the more who know the better and less issues we have as a whole )


each of the following video are a full walk though with text of why you do what you do to get s rank.  basically "idiots guide to shugo" 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPQzPqrtNws templar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAJ78esmXPo   sorc

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSBLwLfDJPw glad


you can find all those video and more at  www.youtube.com/etnaaflonne


now for the other stuff ppl keep asking me  or saying in lfg

known shugo bugs or "quarks"


AT BUG :  this is only for AT if you go into shugo while in your at is in mech, it can make some really serious issues it does not seem to effect everybody but this bug can and does do the following (   slow( you swing SUPER slow and provoke even slower if templar and seem to run slower) / crashing (makes pc crash sometimes repeatedly) lock up (can make aion just lock up freeze or stop but not crash) (  kicking   it randomly may kick you off server  (reasons unknown)           fix :  dont be in mech when you run shugo)


Sound bug:  this effects most ppl if you have a lot of mobs you seem to just lose sound:  this can actually be used as a advantage if you are Templar if you have no sound you should use the "big shield" when sound comes back its safe to use the smaller shield (damage reasons ) fix:(as of now 9/26/18 there is no fix and we all know ncsoft refuses to answer any question about anything related to anything so i have no info for you)


random crashing / dc/ send log  (known as the "send log shugo error"  (not personal or network related) 

this actually happens from video card drivers and a bug in shugo to fix this error is really simple:  Go into settings video settings and make it "default" rather than "high" that should fix it if not  rename the bin64 folder inside aion to  bin64.old  this makes the game run in 32 bit version even if you have a 64 bit computer,  and make it "default rendering"  should also help and stop all crashing. this works for everybody so far not  1 person has had a issue after 1 of the 2 or both fixes )


fear bug(possible bug)  it seems to me that 2 glitches using fear (2nd shugo boss)  if you start with 3 ppl and the sorc dc's she will not fear this has happend 8 times and 8 times she didnt fear if he is there she seems to fear at least 1 time

2nd fear bug:  ( there is actually a glitch that will force her to stop fear i have done this once i cannot repeat it but i have heard from 3 other ppl they do it all the time not sure on TOS on this bug/exploit or just good game play as i cant get it to repeat personally and gm support is a joke at best i leave it to you're best judgement)

argo bug:(no longer a issue 9/26/18)

a few years ago (2 i think)  shugo had a super serious server wide issue argo was NOT based on job (templar/glad/sorc) it was based on accounts  (such as) my mule account has no argo bug even as Templar it was IMPOSSIBLE to get argo however my main account (etnaa) had argo bug so its impossible to lose argo even if  Templar spams provoke if i hit any mob even 1 time i get argo and even if i stop spamming attacks i keep it.  ( this bug was patched or fixed  however i personally still have the argo bug on my ranger so i pretty much have to play Templar or i die i seem to be 1 of maybe 2 or 3 ppl effected by this but if no matter who you run with you cannot seem to lose argo no matter what you might have this issue but its super SUPER rare.)

            suggested fix(run templar on the effected toon run with other ppl with the bug dont run with ppl with the bug not rocket sci 99.9% of this problem is already fixed))


bug mistakes:

argo loss "bug" :  people have often mistaken the loss of argo from templar as a bug , example ( templar has spamming 1/2 provoking all time and suddenly he loses argo and sorc (normally) gets argo and cannot lose it and normally dies, 99.9% of the time what is actually going on is the templar  has a bit of lag or a ping spike (does not have to be much)  so it looks like he is doing his job but its not actually counting the argo so sorc gets it . this is not  a bug  just bad internet or lag spike happens a lot to some br guys i know and also could be bad templar

(short  explanation: templar is slow because of ping sorc is hitting 2-3 or even 4 times faster than temp thus gets argo and dies)


Do not run with people that have numbers for names (if they cannot even be bothered to use a name change ticket THATS FREE  they normally make crap party members)

Do not run with people that have no legion: ( if you cannot remember every-single person you have ever met EVER avoid these ppl  its a 60,000 kinah fee or something like that for a lvl 1 legion they can put all the alts into now if they screw up or screw you over you just know ovoid legion (xxxx)  this is the same for named players they are 100% less likely to be a total doosh or steal or be dumb as you can just find there bg and they can be kicked or pay for replacement runs and such personally if 1  person  screws me over i wont run from anybody from that legion until im paid or they get kicked from legion this works pretty darn well then you can report in lfg im not saying if ppl dc or fail you do this every time but some ppl just afk or actually try to steal items (circus event), its warranted (pls be responsible failure happens)  )

Have patients: players are people and cannot be perfect all the time if a person fails 1 thing 1 time relax but also people should pls read if its posted as S RANK they expect you to know how to play (if it says new players or templar or learning) dont expect them to be "superman" be patient you were (and could still be) bad at the job you picked.

suggestions for GM:

stop making changes to shugo for the stupid people, first you moved the chest cuz ppl cannot wait 2 seconds for their own party 2nd you locked the door again ppl cannot wait 2 freaking seconds for  OWN PARTY  thus making ppl bi** and moan   (fix: grow up be a adult its YOU it effects, if you(players) want to screw yourselves out of things fine ppl learn you are dumb deny you partys game stays nice and you stay poor. ) so pls gm return it to normal or make it spawn in 30 sec after entry or something but this after the gate thing is annoying.

2: stop the hacking  ya shocking right? some people actually have to hack in shugo to win how about actually turning on this anti hack software rather than just have it sit there and take up freaking system resources but be in "stand by" mode

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 i forgot one and it wont let me edit it


Gladiator 2k dmg bug:

this effects any player that plays the gladiator if you use the ult (2k skill) 2 times in a row (double tap or fast use)  most of the time it will not count the 2nd times damage but WILL take the 2kdp (fix:  use 2k use 1 move(example press1) then use 2nd 2k  that 1 sec pause is enough for the dps to read, if you have good ping and double tap 2k odds are 1 fails i have no more info on this bug it seems to effect everybody but most ppl pay little to NO attention to actual dmg they do)


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20 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

Not sure if you are all joking (Capa probably is), but "Shugo" is a term we have used a long time in Aion to describe event instances that give you transformations and skills with it. This is because the Shugo Tomb stuff was the most popular one back then.

I've never called this event shugo. .-.

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