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1st post in 6.2


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3 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

try to understand that during the patch i had to spend time with my family waiting til 7 or 8pm only to now have to sit and wait and possibly engage in more family talks with them.

not cool!

Do you have a creepy kid sister?  An Uncle Fester (that means "to rot")  Are they Adams Family worthy?

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1 hour ago, DraaKeeN-KT said:

Who going to new server?

No chance at all.

(the below is not directed at you just my general thoughts)

I played Beritra and was very excited about it.  The server was amazing...

Until they opened up transfers.

- BR got roflstomped on every cross server pvp instance

- People with 7 year old accounts came over with insane amount sof resources and basically kicked everyone's butt.

- People went back to the servers they had spent thousands of hours and dollars on.  Because of that the server bled players until you couldn't find 24 people to run EB.

- People who grinded their rank lost it when the server inevitably had to merge because they couldn't get as much GP as the people who have had 7 years to grind rank.

- We don't have enough people to fill KT and Danaria - they needed to wait until 6.2 had some success where something like this would have been needed.

As it stands right now, they are just diluting an already thin player base.

If they had the player base for it - I'd LOVE to try a new server - provided it was never going to get transfers to or from older servers.  If it was an island to itself where the gear curve would be even and everyone got a fresh start - that would be amazing.  But in the end they will open up transfers and the server will die :(

I wish they would have mentioned it to us before they decided on it.  They announced it in a terrible way.

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