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1st post in 6.2


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2 minutes ago, MayBlue-DN said:

How about on the new server all the Elyos roll Asmo, and all the Asmo roll Elyos.

"Ereshkigal," is the Klingon word for "Evil Twin"

I have played both sides but prefer Asmo. I'll probably still be playing DN but make a char on new server on a later time.

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Hey guys. calm down. Its already after business hours so anything beyond that is big thanks from me to NCWest. Most businesses close after business hours, but NCWest is trying to fully deliver the new update.


We should appreciate their overtime as people have own life and families, not just work... 

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1 minute ago, Ereshgikal-DN said:

2.0GB btw Ereshkigal "Queen of the Great Earth' it says on google her husband is Nergal wait nergal is the boss at frozen monolith right?

The hell are you talking about? First off, Ereshkigal is the Queen of Ice, not Earth (thats Tiamat). Nergal is one of Ereshkigal's army.

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