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NcSupport is a Nightmare this Patch!


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@Hime  @Cyan @Gideon

Ok day 1 patch: We get all our enchanting reward boxes from previous patch. I go to select my weapon by mistake I thought Zenith was PVP not PVE, I choose wrong weapon. I send a ticket in same day explaining my mistake and asking if I can get the box restored.

Next day (Thursday) they say they can do that for me but it will take 24 hours..... 

Sunday: Still no restored box or weapon, I send another ticket. A few hours later I get a +10 Zenith Weapon box in my inventory (NOT THE ORIGINAL BOX OR WHAT I ASKED FOR) I send in another ticket saying something must of gone wrong and how I only got the PVE option again.

Monday: No reply

Tuesday: Nothing all morning/afternoon. So I send another ticket following up on the matter. Tuesday Night I get a reply saying:



Unfortunately, you already used the One-Time Reversal. Thus, we are unable to process your request. 

I understand that this is not the answer that you want to hear. However, we truly apologize as we are unable to proceed with your request. We can only hope for your understanding.

Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance.

GM  _____

NCsoft Support"

Are you kidding me? If this is the type of support we can expect this patch, well I don't see any reason why I should help fund this company then. Between the length between replies, actions, and the total ghosting me they did that was frustrating enough, but now they won't even admit to screwing up and fixing it? That's just...well I don't have a word that's appropriate for forums to use here...

If any of the forum Mods would love to reply and tell me why I'm experiencing such crappy support, please do so, however I don't think you're going to have a reply that's going to be deemed very acceptable.

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Lack of reading by support I'd say, they did a standard reversal, as if you accidentally put the item on the wrong equipment and, gave you back what you used. You had Zenith so, got it replaced, not exchanged for  PvP version. That's how reversal works, you would have had to put a PvP item on a PvE weapon to get the PvP item but you put a PvE on a PvP weapon so, got the PvE back.

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Consider posting the ticket number so that the mods can look into your tickets. Pretty sure they have access to the support system but don't typically handle the tickets unless asked.

I've contacted support twice in the past year. The first time was with a restoration of a broken item, and the second time (a different account), was for an issue similar to yours (I received two of the same item because I opened two boxes at once instead of one).

In both my cases, I've usually received replies around 6-7 am EST, and any actions taken were done within 3 hours, so it depends on when you're sending your replies to them. If you catch them during their active hours, you're more likely to get things resolved quickly. The problem is finding out when they're active (they're not in the U.S.).

With regard to your specific issue, they might have gotten confused. In my case, all they had to do was rebox the item so I could pick again. In your case, it's not only a matter of reboxing the item, but reboxing the box so that you go from Zenith to Winged Champion.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just wanted to update everyone and bring a new issue to light, the original issue I posted about was finally resolved after 6 days...yes almost a full week later. That was kinda absurd. I was so frustrated I told myself I wouldn't be relaying on support anymore... then something happened that effected a full legion group of mine.

We were running an instance (BOS) and our cleric was holding the keys for the prison cells in the first part to release the prisoners in order to get to the first boss, unfortunately he DC'd and by the time he could get back online the group had auto kicked him for being gone too long, making the keys in his inventory disappear. This means we could not complete the instance or even attack the first boss. For the sake of my legionmates in group I typed up a generic ticket explaining what happened and had all of them copy and paste it exactly and send it in to NCsoft in an attempt to reset our CD for the instance. Now here's where it gets interesting, some of them got a reset scroll given to them for this issue along with a reference number for the rest of the group to make sure all members of the party get a reset scroll sent to them, others of us were denied the reset scroll, despite the fact we all sent the same email. Using the reference ticket number sent to the party member that got their CD restored I tried to followup on my ticket saying that a different GM restored it for this party member and said to attach this ticket number in the rest of our tickets to get the same result. However I got a response back saying that the GM could not restore my instance CD despite having that reference number....  

Why are the Support staff GMs so inconsistent with different players? Support for this game has always been very cringe worthy but you would think after several years something would change.

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Support is definitely a mixed bag, sadly. I have received both excellent help before, and times where I don't think they read my ticket at all. After a ticket has been closed, they ask us to give feedback on the support we received; i'd like to know if the big wigs actually take the time to see who is consistently receiving praise and complaints.

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I just went through a similarly irritating experience with support. I contacted them on the 25th of October -- the morning after the 6.2 patch went live -- concerning a couple of armor and weapon boxes that had gone missing on two of my characters after the update. I specified which character's were affected by the loss and the name of each equipment box that went missing. Four days later I got a response back stating that they had located ONE of the items in question and had restored it on ONE of my characters. The problem was, the character they restored the item to was a character I had never even mentioned in my ticket -- a storage character that I was planning on deleting anyway!

I wrote back explaining that they had misread my ticket, and again listed the two character's affected and the four equipment boxes by name. Three days later they wrote back and stated that they had further checked the report (apparently they don't do anything thoroughly the first time) and that they had verified that both of my character's had discarded one of the equipment boxes before the patch hit. However, there was no log showing that I had discarded the other two boxes that went missing. Furthermore, they stated that they were unable to restore ANY of the items in question because "too much time had passed". :S

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