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Siege and PC Specs


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Just trying to get an idea of how everyone is doing at sieges lately and what there PC set up is.

For me sieges kill my FPS and lag is horrible

Anyone able to run sieges smooth without lag, if so what's your PC build look like?

I7 6700k @ 4.4ghz 32gig ram GTX 1080 is what I have.

My ping is around 40-50ms


really want to see what it takes to run sieges smoothly, so any info if great

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Sieges are always killer on FPS but Lakrum siege is just...5fps for me. I never had such bad performance in siege before, even at Silius/Pradeth which were similar to lakrum. I play on a pretty outdated PC so I just thought it was my setup, if you are having issues maybe there is something more to it.

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i7-8700K, GTX 1080 Ti

40-50 FPS if i hit shift + F12

When combat happens FPS drops to 10-15

Without shift + F12, FPS is 5ish

What I've noticed and would be curious if other people experience this as well, is my game becomes broken during the siege, and remains broken even once the siege is over. I have to restart client, then issue fixed.

Broken things encountered include:

-My toon's face is hollow, both in the game as well as on the UI

-Trees become hollow
-Running into invisible walls

-Game remains choppy as if I have 5-10 FPS, even after porting to my estate after siege is over.


Otherwise the siege has been fun, ELyos 3-0 so far in Lakrum on KT

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That's the old engine, need to update to a newer version of Cryengine. it's a good engine but, Aion is on a very old, outdated version of the engine. Even on a RTX GPU, and, I7 extreme CPU, 32 GB RAM, overclocked to the limit, pulling 100+ FPS game wide, come siege, I'm doing good to drag 20 FPS out of that old engine.

I am a developer for other games, I work in Cryengine (as well as Unreal and Unity), so yes, CE 5.4 or 5.5 could handle it no problem but, that involves some down time and, a bit of reworking a few things to move the game to the new version of the engine. Not bad, but maybe 8-24 hours of the game being offline.

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19 hours ago, Hellish-DN said:

The best way I’ve found of best performance is enabling Fixed FPS during sieges, which limits your field of view to ~27 meters and turn off skill effects.

Definitely recommend everyone try this. It really helped me last night. At previous Lakrum/Divine sieges, I have like 3fps. I can't even move, let alone dps/heal. I enabled (turned on) fixed fps last night and had an average of 20fps the whole time. MUCH much better.

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