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PVP Enchantment Stones 6.2


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So I was wondering how everyone is getting enchantment stones this patch for PVP gear... With how terrible the enchanting is this patch it feels like you need several 100 enchant stones just to get one ancient piece to +15, then double that amount after purifying the piece. Here's the ways I've found so far:

  • Convert your old Omegas and Temps in Panda
  • Run Dredge, Evergale, Idgel Dome, Arenas
  • Trade 50 Genesis Crystals to NPC in Lakrum for PVP Enchantstone bundle


Is there any other way to gain PVP enchant stones that I'm missing?  I really feel like i'm struggling this patch on progressing my pvp gear (I'm still stuck with ancient gear that I can't seem to get pass +12 no matter how many stones I toss at it)

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When in PVP you should notice you have a new skill called "PickPocket" and when you use that skill on the opposing faction player, you can steal all enchantment stones from that player's inventory!

I wish there were more ways to get enchantment stones but looks like you listed them all!

Hope my joke brought a laugh to your day!

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On 11/12/2018 at 5:36 PM, Capa-KT said:

You missed the enchantment stone bundle purchasable from Lakrum Fortress, exclusively for the legion that owns the fortress I believe, for legion coins. Not sure if we have it on NA but can't really be bothered to log an alt and check.

Can confirm that you can buy wtih legion coins. Don't remember the amount of coins you need.

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