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Aion Pet Peeves


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So the events go on for weeks they not very exciting and repeats and exclude lower level players. You can't buy anything good on the paid market place up unless your level 60 or higher for the most part unless you buy the new player promo stuff which is blah. You spend 2 years as premium account to get a Pegasus mount only for NC soft to take it out of the premium vendors. So all that time to get it and now you can't.

You do these amazing events for returning players and new players that give gear that is amazing the only way to enjoy it is start a new account but with having a premium account thats been loyal for over 10 years and actively playing we can't take part in these amazing gear events unless we stop playing the game for a month. Our friends that do quit the game for a month get the gear but cause we have housing we have to login to pay or less our gear. What the Nerk is wrong with you guys.

NC Could take lessons from Rift Online, we have over 165 guild members in Aion and most have been playing rift cause we feel completely neglected by Aion and NC Soft. It saddens a lot of us cause Aion's been our open since beta. I have over 9 homes in here and do I loose my items when merges happen no place to store stuff our guild bank, our character banks full with rare items. We've all invest tons of real money into the black market, had premium accounts etc.

My premium account on rift is amazing the perks every day, in game stuff, everything, rewards etc, Spend 2 years with premium account to get a mount and then have it nerked just before you can afford it. Aion is starting to do the pay to win route. The stars are nice but with all the events geared for new or returning users and nothing for loyal players no wonder we're looking at other games. We had over 55 players in archage and its now pretty much dead cause of greed.

Now aion is going down the pay to win route, the events are dragged on, 165 players all questioning if aions even worth staying in the game. We've been playing for years and years. We've tried to hang on. In Archage it was impossible to find housing. They just finished merges and there is no challenge anymore people quitting and leaving the game. The only people left are the gankers, I have really high gear in this game and those games and maxed out levels on a number of servers on here.

I've spent $10000s on aion, rift and archeage and .. so far rift even if graphics dated is the most fun and cares about players. No game is perfect, i don't work for those just saying we want to keep playing aion but feel nc software doesn't care.  we used to play lineage 2 had over 500 members in guild, after free to play and pay to win most of those players gone now.


Let us buy more new character on same account, if we make new characters, and you do a new and returning events with amazing gear, let those new characters play in the event, vs having to make a totally new account to even enjoy the event and those new items. I know there is a bit of it starting to happen but not as far as the events go.

Make a PVE Server vs a fast track, make it where players could reguardless of faction enjoy both asmo lands and elyos lands. Again Rift does this and its awesome, and we do spend money in it lots! Give people options.

For asmos given there dam claws and mains back, or option to use em.

A lot of us are business owners and gamers, we want to enjoy the game, money to buy on store isn't an issue but what is an issue is buying and being ganked 24/7 thats not fun. We all like PVP/PVE but I'm not paying money to go into a game to be ganked 24/7 .. give players Lune 75 area on fasttrack .. Don't force the pvp on people that just want to quest, enjoy friends and family and relax. Quest a bit after work. If we want heart pounding pvp let me people choose.

Do 3 server types.

What you have now, with anything goes, or fasttrack up to 75 .. when you release level 80 content make it fastract up to that level as well right away. Otherwise its just ganking crap when people might just want to relax and check out the new content. Saying that PVE players don't spend as much as PVP players is a bad business logic. We do both

second server type. PVE both factions .. I know your think what the hell type of crack is this guy on. But the logic is the game has tons of content that both factions have never seen, just you can jump through a portal and see whats on the other side if your not opper geared out for 5 mins then your dead. There is no much content that some players will never see. If you want people to enjoy the full game make it so they can enjoy the full game. Or make a fast track server for both factions.

Archage has it where if you goto opposing faction lands you can't gank a person or even hurt them in their own lands unless they fight back then its open season on your A$$ .. If you did that with a PVE server with that type of logic you'd prob see alot more people playing. Again this is all food for thought, we love the game. Most of our players are 30+ in age and we have families,jobs and business to run ..

we want to enjoy playing aion but with server merges, events that have been recycled over and over again .. what's to keep us in game and if our characters are reset, housing is resent and no storage to loose stuff.

I paid 800 million in game cash for one of my houses cause I liked the location was fun. Do we get that back after the merge or is it just the stock 12,000,000 .. does nc soft care, cause right now it feels like aion is slowly die-ing and just a few simple tweaks above could improve the game.

thats my 2 cents.



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15 minutes ago, Athayus-TM said:

1) So the events go on for weeks they not very exciting and repeats and exclude lower level players.

2) You can't buy anything good on the paid market place up unless your level 60 or higher for the most part unless you buy the new player promo stuff which is blah.

3) You spend 2 years as premium account to get a Pegasus mount only for NC soft to take it out of the premium vendors. So all that time to get it and now you can't.

4) You do these amazing events for returning players and new players that give gear that is amazing the only way to enjoy it is start a new account but with having a premium account thats been loyal for over 10 years and actively playing we can't take part in these amazing gear events unless we stop playing the game for a month.

1) So, you are saying Kumuki Cave, Code Red, Frozen Magic (Snowballs), 3-player event instances, and others give low rewards...? Ok... Just make sure you are in the correct version of Aion.

The lack of focus on low level players is because how easy is it to create an alt and get a lot rewards from a level 1? Plus, several events have the level 30 or 40 as requirement. The hell?

2) I suppose you were not around when bots would "buy" stuff from BCM and sell it. That is just placed as a measure against those practices. I do understand you are frustrated, but it is only level 60. You can do that in two days, a week if you have no idea what you are doing.

3) The Unicorn mount was removed from the Prestige Vending Machines, yes. If you saved up for it, there are a lot more valuable items to get than a mount that you can get from Luna, completely free.

4) Homeward Bound only gives two sets. The no level Daevanion set and Danuar Reliquary set. The former is only useful for some levels, and it is outplayed by the Fledgling set from campaigns. The latter is a nyerk set nowadays, and again, outplayed by the Elite Fledgling set.

If you want them for skins, Daevanion set = Dazzling set (craft it from Luna). DR set = farm it from DR. Really easy instance, you will only need 4 runs for it.

Didnt bother to read the rest of the rant, sorry. :P

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I wasn't knocking all the events, but the events for the last 2 months other than having to create a new account and enjoy playing new and returning content, but its getting bit bad when you have to make 10 accounts to enjoy events. Or stop playing for a month to get in if you don't own a house. I like the snowball event, as I said not knocking all of them. As for bots .. firefall had a good system for bots. You couldn't trade or talf with someone unless you friend them wait 48 hours. Sure that sucks on heat of the moment but killed the gold farmers. As for code red .. done it like 5 times over the years. Some of the events are good some of them painful ..

As for BMC, regular players buying stuff to sell on broker isn't a bad thing. But yes for farmers its an issue. Catch 22 in that perspective, however my complaint was more in relation to as a premium user the quality of items in the vendor. Half of which take months to earn and don't even fully explain what they do.

no worries on rest, just got lots of players that love the game and I love it as well, there is no win win solution other then maybe hoping NC soft reads the post and sees some of the logic. Its player feedback, my solutions are not the end all be all but we play a lot of games as a guild and aion is our favorite we just hate some of the choices NC has made lately with the game.





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15 hours ago, Athayus-TM said:

Make a PVE Server vs a fast track, make it where players could reguardless of faction enjoy both asmo lands and elyos lands. Again Rift does this and its awesome, and we do spend money in it lots! Give people options.

Do 3 server types.




Problem with that: There just aren't enough people playing Aion, plain and simple. That's why we're merging. All of the players will still be split into 6 "servers" after merge -- Katalam Ely, Katalam Asmo, Danaria Ely, Danaria Asmo, FTS Ely, FTS Asmo -- although I guess you could argue that FTS people are only on there a short while. Still, there's a division. To further split the playerbase by adding addition PVE-only or PVP-only servers is only decreasing the playerbase even more. We already have trouble filling groups for things. We can't continue to divide the playerbase because there just aren't enough of us left.

I'm more of a PVE queen myself, although I don't mind the occasional PVP either, such as in sieges or arenas. I, personally, don't see a problem with how it's currently set up. Again, because there just aren't enough players, I don't often get ganked out in open world. Maybe a few times a week, not even once a day. I go out and around Norsvold, Levinshor, Kaldor, and Enshar, exploring and enjoying the art quite often. If you have played 66+ for more than a couple weeks, then you would be familiar with how open world PVP "works" as it follows a pattern. It's heaviest from 6pm-10pm server time, and they're always located in certain areas. For example, if I don't feel like dealing with the opposite faction, I will avoid certain areas in Norsvold. I guess maybe it's an inconvenience to you, but I don't really see it as being that big of a deal as there are so many other things to do in the game.

I'm not trying to downplay your concerns; just trying to offer an alternative view in which there are ways to avoid things you don't like. While you and I like PVE more, I'd say most of the players actually prefer PVP. I'd wager you and I are in the minority, so NCsoft is actually doing "right" by more of the remaining playerbase. I agree the game is not perfect, but you can make your own fun with friends and by trying not to think of how on-point some other players are. That shouldn't matter to you anyway since you don't like to PVP very often.

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aion is loosing players because of a mind set that ncsoft is missing which is why I made the suggestion for a PVE server, where users can enjoy both facts of content. and that server could have a PVP instance like its now. As far as pay to win aion was one of the last games to seemingly go down this path. I'd rather have a pve server where I have the option of dipping into full PVP when I want vs forced ganking. if I'm going to spend a $1000 on this game I'd rather it be P2E (Pay to Enjoy) vs P2P (Pay to Play) I've been playing since beta so over what 10 years now so its not like I'm a new player. I am guild master for 165 players in here that are now looking at other games cause they are tired of being ganked when just wanting to Play to Enjoy vs Play to be Ganked.

I like PVP games like Unreal Tournament where you go in everyone is equally patched on gear and powerup and you have a smashing good time. But if your busy with work, family and other and just want to come in here and enjoy some questing socialize with friends. Your basically saying that NCsoft didn't make Aion for that. And if that is the case, why bother having any quests or PVE content anyway. I'm not a carebear player but forced ganking isn't even pvp, its player vs gank and dead in 3 seconds I'm not spending my hard erned cash on nc coins to turned around and level a character so it can be killed in 3 seconds. there is no challenge in that. And thats the point I was trying to make with a PVE Server.. You want people to see Asmodia reguardless of faction,. Those of us with busy lives and work want to come in we don't mind buying stars for my self or my guild to level faster and spend time together. But 3 seconds and your dead at level 68 .. is what is killing the game.

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Aion is losing players for a lot of reasons, some of which include a remarkably poorly designed patch series (5.6 is decent...but it had to come with minions) and p2w decisions (Korea is bleeding people, which is where the majority of these design decisions originate), unpunished hackers/cheaters/exploiters/etc, a brutal leveling curve (even with nerfs, it's a cash grab), and other such nonsense. Ganking in Iluma/Norsvold is such a small part these days vs the other, bigger problems.

Aion back in its day was all about ganking, both in NA/EU and KR and probably other regions as well. From 1.5 (launch 2009) - 1.9 (2010), I lived in the Abyss because it was safer to grind there than it was to be in the homelands, where twinks massacred everything they came across and there was nothing you could do to stop it, worse than what we have here in 5.X. 2.X was bad (for ganking) until they banned PvP'ing in zone 1 of Gelk/Ing (2.0 did open with the PvP buffs in the homelands, which was nice-ish). The game was like that all the way up until 3.0 (with modifications in the 2.X era) when the game completely changed flavor and went F2P in NA (2012) and included new things like safe zones and more dedicated PvP areas. (lots of people have varying opinions of 1.5-2.7? This is all my own based on my experiences during that time)

5.X was the return to the "glory days" (/snort) of the launch era...only somewhat worse (breaking gear, obscene leveling curve, etc) and with more, undeniable P2W, and a Support team that has 0 idea what they're doing and even less reason to care about your problems. The nice thing we have in 5.X is easier availability of basic gear + instances to dwell in where launch Aion was merciless in that regard. You can spam luna and FoO until your eyeballs bleed for levels, let alone do group instances for okay XP and d/e's and stuff.




That said...there are nowhere near enough people left for a PvE server. A PvE server won't bring people back, any more than the "Master server" (PvP server) would, even if both sides would like to dream that either would be an improvement to the current status of Aion in NA/EU/etc. They won't bring enough people back to justify dividing the flimsy playerbase further. Players have moved on, some with more valid reasons than others. There are more games out there now to play that don't stab you in the hand every time you try to play them, with companies that give maybe half a shit about what the players think (much respect to Hime and Cyan, who have tried to make things better, but the higher up decision makers at NC are poo), that actually might have a Support team with a quarter of a brain between them, who might actually try to manage their game in a somewhat healthy manner, and/or who don't design everything around P2W.

Personally, I've largely stopped playing, even though I like 5.6, because I'm so nyerking done with the cheaters in this game. :| It's not the ganking or other toxicity. It's the unpunished cheating. I nyerking hate it, especially when six months of effort only turned into a temp ban.




tl;dr because the post is too long:

Cheaters/P2W/poor patch decisions/shit-tier Support > semi-avoidable ganking in new zones. PvE/PvP servers not answer to current problems. I like birds.





Also, I'm not trying to be hostile, and I'm sorry if anything I type comes across as hostile. I understand why you think the way you do, and I'm not trying to bash that, but I'm trying to convey some info that I hope helps you understand why some things are the way they are and why some supposedly "simple" solutions...aren't solutions at all. :(

Also sorry if things don't make sense. I was doing other things while typing this up, lol.

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I agree 100% with you, I was thinking after I made the post that I'd paid $15 a month to be on PVE FTS that let you venture into both realms lol to quest. WIth optional Dualing. which it has now. Other pet peeve is the crafting system. While I love the gear pack at 10 and 55, the current game doesn't let you craft gear better than that so as many have pointed out the gear is good from 10 to 55 to 60+ If you want master weapon smith you have to grind to that level before you can make anything good. Then they nerfed the dust .. so now you have to spend even more time opening things before you can dust it. They put great things in then kill it.

We started playing Revolution Online few days ago. Amazing game to level 40, but then they go and introduce a system that nerfs the time it takes to craft unless your premium .. it would be good but its too dam slow even with a premium account. Archarge dam labour points thank god Aion Doesn't have either .. However the current system for crafting in Aion wile extensive is pretty much useless till you hit master. And its nyerk to get master but thats half the fun.

WITH BCM, making items no trade means people won't mass buy stuff on it cause they can't sell it on broker. A lot of use treated the Broker as a mini game via selling stuff. And some times buying on BCM and selling on broker for extra cash. But NC nerfs a lot of that then its just one more thing for players to leave over. And whats the BS with buying something on BCM for 30 days like gear or other. Every time I see that I just shape my head. why would I want to spend hard earned RL cash on something that only lasts 30 days. Mount or other. about the only thing I buy on BCM now is stars some times cubes, till those get nerfed again.

Most of us outside in our group are game developers we pioneered free to play model years ago long before pay to win, fb credits, 10 years before bit coin. So we understand the business model ncsoft has very very well and they doing it all backwards to the point of mass driving players away. Just a few simple changes might pull people back back as you said above ncsoft is basically doing a cash crab and hail marry with server merges.

New and Returning Players Event, is usually when servers the most busy prob is if you own a house, have a premium account or been a loyal player, you can't par take in the event, so you basically nyerk off the layer members. Unless we make new accounts .. I have like 12 accounts, some with out houses cause when those events come around I can play in them. I just want to bank my head on a desk.

I don't think you or others are hostile I think we all silently screaming in side with the direction of poor management and thought processes on pay to win vs pay to enjoy business model is going in for the game. When the game was $15 a month the events and the bonus and gear and items and other in the game was hella fun back in the day. I'm not saying my ideas are the best.

As I stated I've been in this game from private beta when it first started. Its ok I got the jist of what your saying.

Revelation has a good system for getting rid of gold farmers, They make it so the money can't be traded between players. Farm that bitches. I understand NCsoft needing and wanting to earn money but the current system in place is causing the game to be a ghost town. Archarge is the same way its a ghost town everywhere and thats cause of Trion worlds greedy CEO's that don't understand human nature. by Nerfing Aion Gamification Systems via the Virtual Currently in it plus various in game systems.

You want to make bank .. let people buy on BCM tiger or some unity mounts. Lineage 2 had a good system you could be a level 55 tiger on a 22 character .. that you could ride, cost a lot on market place but couldn't use it as an attack mount for power leveling till your character was same level as mount. But you still got it if you paid for it. Or earned it via in game. Just little tweaks to systems. hacking is a problem, but if ncsoft stopped to think about why people hack in first place its cause there is a system or dynmic in the game that is missing.

Look at elderscrolls online, it started off with having a mod system build in. give those talented at adding improvements to the game an outlet so they don't make stuff that can hurt the overall dynamic of the game. I could write a book in this post but it falls on def ears. ..

I'd like to see a Ncsoft board member/s level from level 1 in here to 75 in the game. See what  its like to be gannked get to know the game they sell and promote. I wonder if any of them have ever even played the game.

The forums by the way look good. But the Aion Site has been neglected for fall too long. As I said we'll wait to see what happens with the merges even try and get a house back but it would be nice if NCSoft cared about those actually paying the bills .. via pvp, premium accounts both now and past, and generally active uses give us a reason to stay vs only rewarding people that leave for six months or our new!




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When the game was $15 a month the events and the bonus and gear and items and other in the game was hella fun back in the day.

I disagree. : x We had no events except rare double XP weekends (I even noted one of them in my chemistry notebook because I was so excited, lol) until the disastrous St Patty's Day Massacre in 2010.  2.0 introduced the AFK-jumping-in-Sanctum events. It wasn't until post-3.0 that we actually started seeing better events (Valentine's event, dice event that gave AP pots, shugo events, etc).

By 2.7, Aion was dead, almost more dead than it is now as an 8 year old game, and it was only 3.5 years old in NA at that point. F2P was inevitable by the time 3.0 was going to roll around.

The BCM had to be changed because of massive credit card fraud. Seriously thousands of dollars in fraud. You can get 60 in a couple days just off of the dark blue and gold quests, and you don't need kinah or anything until then thanks to the gear at level 10 and 55. You can also buy fully socketed and enchanted gear in 5.X, which is a nice change.

Players cheat for more than just bypassing some mechanic. Some do it to be the very bestest and win many of their fights. Some do it to farm AP/medals. Some do it to farm XP. Some do it to farm supps/skins. Some do it just because they're pathetic pieces of garbage who can't play legitly. One of the few joys I get out of this game is watching hackers cry about other hackers.

Crafting is now the aetherforging or w/e it's called. 5.8 is supposed to make that easier to level, as well as provide some mythic gear to craft. No idea on how good that gear is, but it had some pretty skins (I want the cloth one IRL). Crafting has been pretty potato since 4.0, lol.

Sorry I can't address all points. I'm so tired. Q_Q


Oh, side note: Korea is also doing ANOTHER round of server merges (they just had server merges last year). They're going down to, I think, 4 regular and 1 master server? I'd have to look it up again. I guess I have to say it's wise that NC-W is going down to 2 servers. I can't believe EU just added servers when they had a merge not too long ago. But EU is potato, and I really shouldn't be surprised by any of the decisions they make. :/



ArcheAge is seriously my least favorite game I've ever played. I lasted a month at launch before everything that was wrong with it was too much. QueueAge, HackAge, RandomlyBannedAge. lol. Husband's account got hacked (Yahoo got hacked), they tried using a stolen credit card on it, so they banned the account. I spent four+ weeks trying to get it back. Never did. Nyerk that game. xD

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1 hour ago, Vantheria-IS said:

This is, perhaps, the wrong thread for this, but I've seen this referenced a few times over the past year and I just really want to know what happened lol.

A long, long time ago, there was darkness in the land of Atreia.

The people of this land had only seen sparse XP weekend events, but never anything else.

One day, the Gods showed mercy upon the inhabitants of the land and announced they were going to do a manual, God-run event on the day of much drinking in March of the year 2010. The people were to go to, in the land of Elysea, the outer dock, wearing their finest green livery. The Gods provided five green dyes for the people, and, excited, the people flocked to the outer docks at the predetermined time. They anxiously awaited the sight of one of their legendary Gods.

In time, one of the Gods appeared in the form of a leprechaun, red-gold hair and beard, short, and bedecked in green clothing. He talked with the people, making corny jokes. Sometimes, he would trade gold coins with a lucky person. Mind you, dear reader, this is when coins were as valuable a currency as kinah, though they were fraught with random chance for a good piece of gear, as the days of selecting your specific piece had not yet arrived.

After some time, the God announced that He needed to leave and visit His other peoples in other lands. And that is where things went grievously wrong for the people of the outer docks.

The God spawned monsters of the likes of Zapiel, at least twice, and others. The people, lowly 30-40 strength people, fell before these monsters like mist before the heat of the sun. Well meaning souls would resurrect them, only for them to perish once more. A great soul debt was accumulated by many, and paying to remove that debt--costly. People were left with less experience than they'd had before gazing upon the God, as well as mere pennies in their pockets. Only a small few had the strength to profit from the monsters, and they lorded their spoils over the common people.

After the God left, some of the people, overjoyed to have received golden coins, learned, to their sorrow, that they were not the coins of Elysea, but of Asmodae. They were left to beseech the other Gods for mercy to exchange those coins for Elysean coins.

In the end, all that remained of the ill-fated event were tears and wailing, for so much had been lost and so few had received gold coins. The Gods went silent once more, and the event was logged in the History of Atreia as the St Patty's Day Massacre, forever burned into the minds of those who'd suffered that day.


--Written this day by the hand of Cheesecake, Queen of the Cheesecake Kingdom, Lady of Desserts, First of Her Line, Unofficial Tech Support, Her Royal Fatness, Writer of Many Posts, Bringer of Woe, ...




That's the gist of it. lol

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Probably the most fun thing I've written in a few weeks. xD


3 hours ago, Krysalinne-SL said:

They really need to do it again. It was probably one of the funniest fails I've ever experienced.


I think God-Buster tried to do the boss spawns a couple years ago, but the people of Atreia are stronger than before, lol.

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