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6.5 Hello is anyone there?


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With Russia getting 7.0 in approx. 1 month wtf is N/A doing? Shitty event making mostly and putting pure crap on the BCM. Events---Terrible. Check BCM-- Terrible.I don't think you could make the game of fate rewards any worse if you tried, (no sarcasm there just fact.) 

I do say thx for morphing and new enchant rates but there isn't shit to do right now. It's to the point I just don't like the game its so boring now.  How about some info on 6.5? How about a decent event? How about some decent stuff on BCM? How about doing anything? Fix broker fees? Play with yourself. Do something!!! Give us an eta on 6.5? I'm usually more upbeat but this companies lack of doing anything just sux. No info., no communication, no nothing. The government leaks more military secrets than NCSOFT gives updates. FOR REAL

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