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EU announces the relase date of 6.5 and more!!!


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2 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

They are aiming for 6.5 launch on around April 3 (tentative, subject to possible delay).

And server merges will result in 4 servers remaining.

Also recipe or morph for Legendary Daevanion Skills and Manastones. Increased the amount of kinah that you can get from kinah boxes crafted in the Luna thingy.

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I don't think 6.5 would fix anything for our server, what we need is fix bugs (loot pet, guestblooms, some windstreams, SM fear and many others), decent events (not everything free, just decent), kinah adquisition ways and even in 6.2 our server would be way much better. A really important need is just have some attention from the NC staff, active GM's, and not just some comunity managers who are only here to recieve hate for what the real developers can't do properly. I didn't even touch the Transparent scrolls topic to get more dramatic.

We need an Aion dedicated person, and someone who actually knows about the game, becuz report something is like trying to explain to someone who never have logged into the game what is happening with the bugs. if you use "in game" lanaguage to explain they simply do not get it. During the stream they barely know how to equip some skins, and they totally ignore that some skins that they had send as gift sometimes are incomplete due they have accesories in shoulder or hat that are not sent with the costume, such a basic thing, and you expect them to actually know what the game needs right now? No hating here, just pointing what is pretty obvious.

In addition to all this the store is lame, almost unusable items there other than extreme expensive transformation contracts. Rusia have almost every single skin and mount and emote avaliable for purchase permantly, we barely have around 3-4 of each. I hope the game won't close in a future cuz this might be the main reason "the game does not generate enough money", of courseit doesn't, u don't put anything worth to buy duh...

If you bring 6.5 with all these problems situation will end up exactly the same as now, it will hype for a while but it's more important fix get the update once our server is working as the game is intended.

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