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Can we have an event where GMs come to have a personal talk with players in game


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Like Korea did before they launched 6.0 ?
About what they don't like ? What they would like ?
And post 9 wishes that people most wanted that NCwest possible to change ?

I know it's a dream tho but still what I'll lose for posting this ?

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Let's see. We had a CM playing openly in the game and that turned into a mess when some potato from Support decided to listen to the whining of a player who rolled on EK for a "fresh start" but wanted his compensation gear from another character so that he would have a leg up on that fresh start and the community blamed that CM saying that he was helping those on his server/in his faction/in his legion.. even though he doesn't even have the power to give someone a single power shard in game. And then months later when the retarded compensation package for EK players is put out, someone actually posted again blaming that CM for the overly generous nature of it saying that the package was made too generous to help the people he played with.. despite the fact that after the first debacle he wasn't playing Aion at all any more and hadn't been for months because why would anyone want to spend their down time around people that are analyzing your every twitch to try and blame their pixel death on you providing an unfair advantage to the player that got the kill?

I really doubt that we will get anything close to what BnS gets where they seem to advertise that GMs will be frolicking about among the playerbase.

Apparently we just get to stew in our own nastiness because we are angry (and rightfully so) about the unplayable nature of our game. And things will only get worse. The more they don't talk to us, the angrier we will get and the less they will want to talk to us.

And round and round it goes.

The people that actually make decisions don't seem care. At least not enough to actually talk to us. I am sure that eventually this latest catastrophic bug will be fixed and we will get some kind of compensation.. probably the easiest way that we can with every account getting x number of ap and y number of gp and z number of enchantment stones.. and things will go back to normal until they next thing breaks.

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