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EC and ID rewards problem?


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17 minutes ago, Spirithq-KT said:

My question is why these 2 instances (EC and ID) give as rewards Legendary Ridium still, this item is from patch 6.5 of game, now is 7.0, also i saw in apply window for ID it says that rewards are legendary and ultimate etium so ..........

+1  Those instance need their rewards updated ASAP. @Cyan

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23 minutes ago, MetalPhantomEvil-DN said:

How long will we be left unanswered? ID and EC... SIEGE give only enchant...difficulty with craft drop, fight spirit difficulty

NC kill again progress of new players, omg.. and mid players too. Where farm figth spirit now ? Whyy so hard take new material ??? 

Stop with this desire to kill the game.

Well, theres a lot more GC in the OW now, so you can simply buy ancient pvp gear and extract.

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