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Average of people playing Aion every day?


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54 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

Stats seem questionable unless they are doing P-servers as well? If it is retail only it is hard to see a game that has been shut down having a 1.621% growth over the past 30 days.

That's because the stats are based of sub-Reddit activity/subscribers instead of actual player count from game servers. That site is not a good reference point; anyone can subscribe and post to a sub-Reddit without actually playing the game.

Someone posted numbers off Aion Rainmeter's server status (or something similar) sometime ago and those figures seemed closer to actual player count. I can't seem to find the post though. If anyone finds it, please link it back here.

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I think I found it but the included image no longer works.

In any case, that post seems very similar to information presented on this site: http://aioninfo.com/online/ which gives current and daily login stats for EU Aion servers. Click the names to see charts.

Population for EU servers seem to range between 20-30% of server capacity. We know that NA population is much lower, so take that information with a grain of salt.

@waffles-DN, would you happen to have information on current NA population that you could provide?

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