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Drop buff my ***


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After some tries my legion mates and me managed to finish PF Hard mode with no problems.. to take advantage on the drop buff, we burned some Luna's to try to gear up with the shiny new accessories.

22 runs in 1 weekend.

0 drops

Enjoy our $$$ expent on Luna's this time, NC.. we don't gonna buy it again

Your drop rate is a joke

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On 11/5/2019 at 9:02 PM, RagdoII-DN said:

I know the maths, the problem here is about the number of runs x the drops.

If u think 20+ runs and 0 drops is absolutely normal, you deserve this game as it is now.

The number of stars to purify is so easy compared with the drop rate.

...and imagine doing it without the buff. This is why I never do pve instances anymore.

I will be perma happy with my pandora T2 gear.

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