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Temporary Everything Isn't Rewarding

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Gentle suggestion to stop making 30 Day or 7 day things your rewards.

It doesn't feel like a reward when you're forced to use it.  I understand you want to prevent hoarding but if you work to gather enchantment stones only to have them disappear before you have the gear you want to use them on, it is less rewarding than it is frustrating.

Offering a  Dragon Carpet Mount sounded really cool, a way to remember the beginning of the patch but - nope  only there 30 days and then it's gone.  Back in the day it was fun to remember events with items you could only get at that time.  But now it's like everything just dissolves and feels very cheap and temporary.  You beat RNg and get a plastic surgery ticket but oop - nope! it will disappear out of your inventory so you better change something now!  It kinda defeats the purpose of a reward when it's just gonna annoy the person you're trying to reward.

I don't know how much control you have over this but I hope enough to make a change.  




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15 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I'm kinda disappointed that there's no skin offered with this. :(


This was my thought. Normally we would get some perma skin that would act as a "I Was There" of each of the big patches.

Sad to see that there is no skin, but that the things we do get are temp.

As Sweetz says, it isn't too late. Add something perma please. A skin. A mount. A trophy to put in our houses. Something. Anything.

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