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Two New Ultimate transformation Inc

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Two new ultimate transformation incoming and mostly of the players don't even have the older ones.

Are we a joke to you? is it funny to see our struggle to get legendary transformations? to see us begging for event who gives transformation as rewards?simply because it s almost impossible to get or farm in game.

@Kibbelz @Hime @Loki

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Have you guys seen the stats for the new transforms? Tiamat gives **470** PvE Att and Erreshikgal (its probably not spelled right, idk how to spell it) gives **470** PvP Att. And theyre gonna be obtained by the p2w players right away who have been saving up legendary stuff that theyve been buying over the past months. We NEED an ultimate transformation event. The gap between players with and without ultimate transformations is going to be even larger with these massive stat boosts. Thats like carrying an entirely new weapon. I highly doubt that we'll get an event (thats free) for these new transformations, but we should have an event thats easy and helpful for ALL players  (those p2w and not) to allow them to at least get Kaisinel or Marchutan (or the **high** possibility to get them). I cant compete now with players that have the transformations, I cant even imagine going up against someone who's got a second weapon in their back pocket ready to whip it out whenever. 

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