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14 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Additionally, the skins from this event (like Elegant Hanbok) cannot be stored in the personal warehouse, housing cabinets, or pets. So basically either use it immediately or it will sit in your main inventory. yikes

So they are both ugly and unstorable.

I'll have to skip those, I am not so hoard-oriented to waste so many inventory slots on my char just to have them sitting there.

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3 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Some of them are cute! I bought the Elegant Hanbok, and the female version is really pretty. She's like a lil snow bunny uwu


Yes this one looks good but most female outfits are good looking, male outfits usually are uglier. Like you can't go really wrong with a dress outfit, put a little bit of lace in the end, some ribbon and she is cute. The male outfits try too hard to be something "different" from just pants and a top, and most of the times they add ugly things.

When the outfit is a robe type this is where I am really not bothering. I am a sorcerer and for the most part my gear looks awful, they stick to just a robe thing and that is it. As if the wizard needs a robe to cast spells and if we use pants or something else it won't be magical enough.

I do not know when and why the magician got the "robe" thing. I always knew magical creatures come in all shapes and forms but oh well. I always re-skinned my gear with something that doesn't look like a robe or  a long coat. I got bored of it.

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I don't understand the thought process behind making skins unstorable or unable to be place in the account warehouse. If you can't broker the skin to make a profit, at least allow us the ability to move the skin across characters on the same account. Because of these silly restrictions, I am making the difficult decision not to purchase any of the skins, despite the fact I find them rather attractive.

@Kibbelz, could you please discuss with the team the possibility of removing said unnecessary restrictions on future event skins and skins in general? What purpose is there in restricting the player's ability to enjoy the skins they purchase either in-game or through the store? Thank you!

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7 hours ago, skythee-DN said:

I think the current NC thought process is to encourage players to purchase storage from BCM by saturating the inventory with 'stuff' that may have some potential to make it worth keep

...and we end up getting nothing due to this limitation. My inventory is fully expanded and I still have limited space due to materials, a myriad of consumables from potions, food/drinks special buffs or other consumables and at least one more set (the pvp and pve).

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