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Servers down - Emergency maintenance?


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5 minutes ago, Shainygirl-DN said:

I guess they weren't giving the candy. I used 7 that I had from the previous year and they did not increase in more than 1 hour of play. By the way more transformations ??? This game is about collecting transformations ???

Yes some people reported they never got the candies.

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NC jumped the gun and fubared this event before it even got going... 

Assuming you stay logged in for 22 hours everyday for the entire event duration (28 days) = 616 contracts.  Not a ton of wiggle room to earn the 500 contract selection box reward.  This, makes sense.  I mean, it's just a legendary contract, it's not amazing stats, and that is a lot of time you have bodies online, making the server at least LOOK healthy and active, lol.  

NC logic...  reduce contract to once per day = 28 contracts...  Where is the actual nyerk do people get 500 contracts in 28 days?  You shouldn't expect people to have tons of luna saved to (hopefully) be able to craft the xform craft box... and you CERTAINLY can't expect people to spend $80 per 100 contracts from the BCM.  Assuming you could earn 100 contracts playing, that is buying 4 sets at $80 (400 contracts)...  $320 for 2 legendary contract?  

Surely this is the trick portion of the event, come on NC... 

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7 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

After the emergency maintenance, it is now only 1 per account per day.

Well then time to luna craft some more transforms. It will be a wild hunt and another lesson learned.

  • First it was: Never combine legendary contracts unless we have a legendary combine promotion event
  • Then it was: Never combine any contracts unless you have generally a combine promotion event of ancient or below
  • Now it is: Never open your transformation contracts unless we have a promotion event on opening transformation contracts
  • Next lesson: Do not craft luna contracts unless there is a promotion about luna crafting contracts.

Bring it on... I am ready for the future


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