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New Ability to Look Like Any Transform You Want


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3 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Look @Valedia-DN they answered your prayers in Korea as of a week ago. You can use your Kromede xform, but choose to look like any other xform you want since you hate Kromede. Don't say I never gave ya anything. ;)


Bonus: comment from one of the Koreans looooool



Yup, I saw this addition last week. The representative transformation system. The real question is why did they not do this to begin with?

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A-M-E-N, I wouldn't mind looking like those awesome legendary transforms here and there, I never liked kaisinel look with all the fabric flaoting around him when running and jumping, the transform looks good when standing like a statue. I'd still prefer to look like my char obviously but that is good thing.

They should also make the normal transformation be able to be transparent as well via the same feature. Two whole years worth of people complaining about looking like animals or npcs and they finally implement a reasonable thing.

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6 hours ago, Hallo-DN said:

I rather have permanent transparent transform but its better than nothing, most transforms are really ugly .....

Thankfully transparent transformation scrolls are cheaper than actual ones, because the transparent are given by a myriad of ways to alts so they sell it on broker cheaper than the actual scrolls on the GST. Also with the times fixed now we need just 6 scrolls per hour (unless we die in between) so having a few thousands is good for a year worth of gameplay.

I remember having to use 30 scrolls per hour back in 6.5 because ulti transform lasted 2 minutes only, and transparent transformations were pretty rare costing ten times more than the normal ones.

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