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Making guide how to invest CP into skills as Arch daeva


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Hi Aion family :) (greeting as Korean's style :P)

Today I'll share my knowledge about which skills is best to invest for each class.(At lv 72 atm so I know nothing above this level :P)

From Highest to Lowest Priority

Gunner : Incendiary Shell,Concentrate Fire,Snowshell.

Ranger : Stunning Shot,Rapture Arrow,no idea about 3rd since I invested in Power and Precious max out this.

Assassin : Sorry no idea about this one either I leave it for someone else to share.

Sorc : Freezing Wind,Flame Cage,Soul Freeze.

SM : Weaking Spirit,Erosion,no idea what should be 3rd one.

SW : Song of FIre,Dragon Song,no idea about 3rd one.

AT : Idium Strike.Heat Burst,Rocket Punch.

Cleric : Earth's Wrath,Chastise,Punnishing Earth.

Chanter :  Inescapable Judgment,no idea about 2nd and 3rd

Templar : Blood Pact,no idea about 2nd and 3rd sorry.

Glad : Completely no idea >_<

Remember you should max out Knowledge(In case of magical class),Power and Precious(In case of physical class) first before invest into skills.

Thank you :)




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On my Chanter, I have Essence invested on all Archdaeva skills but Chained Crush (and PvP passive buffs). As for skill boosting, I am not crazy about it, but I would probably go for Inescapable Judgement for dps and Recovery Spell for support.

My Gunner has Concentrated Fire, Rapidfire Deluge and (if he was a few levels higher) Materialize Magic.  Skill boosting is just Incendiary Shell.

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Hi I intended to make this guide as a guide line to invest into basic skills after stats and arch daeva skills :)

Sure a lot of archdaeva skills is useful and should be max out and I already included them here,some shouldn't invest more than 1,some shouldn't get at all.

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