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Forth's Fort Log — Siege Numbers: Siel & Israphel — Updated Regularly [Classic]


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I was rushing between two servers and failed to get IS-Elyos world count, so that side is empty.




1 hour ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

Thank you asmo's for the free fort tonight we really needed a foothold in the abyss.

Y'all captured that fort fair and square, under heavier odds. : )  

Chart will follow momentarily.

Edited by Forthyn - Asmodaes Pea-k
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For real though, how can a three word compliment of "x is cool" be construed as "that passive aggressive approach" (whatever that means). Most unnecessary reply to an online comment I've seen in a long time. Forthyn has been a friend of mine for like 8 years or something. The idea that I should have to come and defend myself for something so innocuous is incredibly silly. Maybe stop reading into things that aren't there. And the fact that, of all the comments in this thread, THAT is the one you took issue with is just... I'm speechless. Had honestly forgotten how low the quality of interaction one can expect from these forums is. 

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This thread will be going on hiatus for an unspecified amount of time while I focus on important matters.

Thank you everyone who expressed interest in the numbers and visited this thread when it was updated.

Others are more than welcome to come here with their own observations of siege attendance and participation to incite discussion if they wish.


Best regards

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