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Pixel and Halloween Transformation Event


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Hey all - so we spotted similar sentiment about Halloween Event in a separate thread about the anniversary event which I shared with the team. I'll share this thread w/ the dev team as well to see if we're missing any details.

I should also say though, that we are past the point of making any changes at this stage (it's been locked for weeks) but in either case I think it's good for us to ensure we're doing everything we can :)


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5 hours ago, Aelar-DN said:

204 Anniversary coins in my inventory from login accumulation. Not a single one used for anything.. Because there isn't anything.

Unless you consider the 1 food/potion per day an adequate reward for 12 years of Aion.

I do not even know how many my main has, I haven't been on the map since the day 1.

My concern is that on my alts that I do a few things they also got them and they will all need to have them deleted by the end of the event because they keep taking a slot. I wish those coins would be event-period only and got self deleted LIKE MANY VALUABLE REWARDS HAVE IN THE PAST. My brain gets autistic every time I get one while I am on an alt and I delete it on spot so I won't have to do it later.

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