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Goodbye Aion, Love Rin


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Dear friends,

Although today is meant to be a celebration of Aion—especially with summer events and the first-year birthday of Aion: Classic—it is with a heavy heart that I tell you today is also my last day at NCSOFT.

In this brief whirlwind of a year, I feel fortunate to have landed on the Aion team and become part of this vibrant world.  I quickly learned how amazingly passionate and nostalgic this community and game is. My time on Aion was brief, but it truly was the best part of my time at NCSOFT thanks to YOU.

I hope you all know how much I appreciate every single one of you and your contributions to not only this game, but to me personally. Please continue to be good to one another and express yourselves and your feedback while keeping civil and kind. There is still much work to do, but I know the team is going to do their absolute best to achieve what is possible.

Until my full-time replacement arrives, you will temporarily be accompanied by some members of the Community Team who will continue my work until it’s time to introduce you to your new Aion Community Manager! 

(*PS: Don't worry, all your feedback up to the end of today will be documented and given to the team by me, and then they will continue my work. I'll push to the very end with your voices!)

Finally, with my parting, I give to you this small drawing along with all my love and thanks.

Stay Classy, Aion.
♥- Rin



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Thank you for your time here with us. I know we had a lot of concerns, and in my opinion you did the best you could which does matter. Thank you for doing your best, and working hard for us. I hope you find success wherever you are headed. 

P.s. - lovely drawing! 😍

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i dont normally post on forums but i had to come say goodbye. 

being aion community manager is a tough job, and you did your best and we thank you.

for what its worth, your voice in the community was starting to change my view that maybe we wont be doomed, but u just put the last nail in the coffin 18min ago (not ur fault i get it)


we r headin back to the real aion experience where no one ever responds to the community.


put on seatbelts.


-train conductor meeko

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3 minutes ago, Load said:

Thank you for everything.

The problem us not the Community Managers, the problem is NCsoft decision-makers. We are doomed no matter who is the CM.

Yep, Rin did a fantastic job voicing the needs and concerns of the community but had no control over the outcome. 

It's all downhill from here.

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20 minutes ago, 19s2FD88F said:

Before you go, could you please fix the drop rate?

Rin has nothing to do with it and is probably one of the reasons she is leaving. We have been hounding the NC devs for over a month to make sure drop rates were right and it's been crickets outside of Rin saying she is trying to get something done.

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Thank you Rin :)

When you came it was a breath of life back into the game! You did us players well. 

Hopefully it was your decision to leave and not the decision of NC. You definitely were the voice for us NA players.

Now for the new guy - Take lots of notes from Rin and don't let the game die on us :) 

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