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Chanter group play should go dps or support ?


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Even in an instance that requires no healing as a chanter at all like TTC or Adma ?

Life without mountain crash would be miserable and maybe running out of skills even with weaving.
Still vision stigma will do greater good for group.

Blessing of wind might do no dmg against boss cause it's magic boost based.

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Chanter stigma set-ups vary wildly because it's such a versatile class, and you should definitely play the class the way in which you are comfortable. Otherwise, what's the point? :) Here is the stigma set-up I use like 90% of the time. It is 72% support, 28% dps. I have the other stigmas, but I rarely pull them out unless I'm trying to do Crucible Spire or something. Note, I rarely PVP, so this is based on PVE: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/cADFILM65

Losing Mountain Crash KIND of sucks, but it's honestly not as bad as you might think. Again, I pull it out sometimes if I'm doing Crucible Spire because I don't need all of those support stigmas. I am a hybrid chanter, leaning toward support. I have a cleric's healing boost Apollon set for support. I have a Harvester/Apollon/Sophisticated blend for dps. My gear is decent -- not amazing, not terrible. I'd say I'm an average chanter -- again, not amazing, not terrible. I can solo heal Adma/Theo/UA Barracks and heal (with back-up support) AoE, as long as there isn't anyone with like 13k HP in the group lol and the dps is decent. I cannot solo heal CoE or DL. That kind of gives you an idea.

In my experience, chanters are never expected to heal if there is a cleric in the group. You're perfectly fine using your dps gear and essences; that's what I do. You will need to support the cleric as needed, of course. However, sometimes the cleric is a lowbie or you end up in UA siege and there is no cleric in your group. Then you are expected to heal.

Word of Instigation is, in my opinion, pretty crucial for group play -- as is Blessing of Stone. They're not mandatory, of course, and many chanters don't have them. I just find them to be important, and a lot of dps/tank classes do too. You're not going to be ostracized if you don't have them though. :) 

So all of this was basically a really long way of saying that there's no right or wrong answer. Sometimes chanter group play is strictly dps; sometimes you're going to need to heal. Be prepared for both possibilities.

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Cause I was trying to do dps and support in same time but I found out it was a stupid idea x_x

I'll make new rotation with Word of Instigation I hope it works out and I hope losing MC + Blessing of Wind wouldn't hurt my dps so bad :/

At least I hope it's still in Templar dps level =.=

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Leaping Flash is a viable replacement for Mountain Crash *in PVE*. It will do as much damage as or more than MC if it crits. However, it is a charged skill, so you've gotta stand still for 3 seconds. So it's not viable for use in PVP. Totally workable in PVE though.

In my opinion, chanters are never going to be great dps. They just weren't designed that way. Even "good" dps chanters still have nowhere near as much dps as sorcs, etc. Most groups will prefer you to be able to help the entire group do better dps (with WoI, mantras, support heals as needed, etc) rather than trying to make your own dps as high as possible when it STILL won't be very good compared to most of the other classes.

Also, switching between dps and support is very viable. Supporting a cleric doesn't require you to re-allocate your essences as you're just the back-up. You can easily use the equipment switch to switch back and forth between your dps set and your support set. I only change my essences to support if I know I'm going to be doing all or at least half of the healing. Are you using the one-click gear switch option located in your profile? Make sure your mace/shield are the default weapons for your support set and your staff is the default for your dps set so you don't waste time switching gear AND switching weapons. Make sure your support gloves have cast speed, not attack speed.

As Bryos said, I think you'll like have WoI and Blessing of Stone. In fact, I actually prefer using WoI on myself instead of Lucidity because WoI has a higher attack percentage. (Again, talking PVE here, not PVP.) You can always throw MC back in your rotation for solo stuff.

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My stigmas pve for aoe and coe are Suport buffs but playing DPS mode. 

Elemental, blessing stone, healing boost ---- rise, annihilation, word of life ---- vision: word of instigation. 

Learn how do weaving and u can do 5k dps more in AoE, and 4k more in CoE

I can do 5.7k dps if poped WoW and continue alive XD. 

Sometimes can i stay on first or second position when other ppl from group are level below at me. 

But, if u want do full dps with not buffs suport, can you use: Montain, Blessing of wind (great stigmas for pve dps), Numb Blow --- rise, annihilation, word of inspiration --- vision: aoe attack. 

**** Use Pledge of Earth on +8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing. Or use on +5, maybe, but do!!!!

pop 2k dp, Blessing of wind and fire transformation buffs couting most efficiently... Ever use dp if u can. 

I dislike Leaping because are 3 seconds and cant weave it. U lost so many time and damage. 

But, for AoE and COE my preference is do suport buff stigmas and fight... ever do weaving. Change to heals mode if cleric die or ppl need so many assistence. For exemple: on first boss from CoE, when summons eyes, is a hard time to the cleric, so can you, chanter, change to suporte on this moment and suporte group with shields, buffs, heals... ur job. Hybrid!!

I did one time the second boss from CoE in 5 ppl and im healing with not cleric! 2 lvl 75 transformer. So chanter can do any heals too.


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My advise: do both dps and healing in support spec. The difference in dps between dps spec and support spec is barely anything; plus, you contribute more DPS to the group by bringing word of instigation.

The reality nowadays is that healing full-time has become a thing of the past. Aion 4.8 gave us amazing changes to our dps chains and turned some of our dps stigmas into skillbooks, so there's no reason not to use them in a group setting, whether it's PvE or PvP. 

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If there is a cleric in your group you bring only Word of Inspiration (the red stigma) as your support skill, and the rest should be filled with DPS stigmas.

Your cleric will not need any of your support skills.

Also, each time before using Promise of Earth / Pledge of Earth, temporary increase it to +8, cast it, then remove that skill's CP back to your previous settings. The bonus will stay for 30 minutes or until dispelled.

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BoS is not a good pick for group PVP. To be honest, even in PVE since none of the end game instances at the moment requires an maximum HP boost if you're in a good group.

Most chanters are using healing boost instead of HP stones so, again, no reason for BoS imho. Except if you're in a LFG Bastion of Souls

I'd rather help dpsing while providing buffs


My build is: Healing Burst, Mountain Crash, Blessing of Wind (or Elemental Screen), Annihilation, Word of inspiration and Word of Life

if you want to keep the support vision stigma, then go Blessing of Stone

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