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The fall of Raksang SAM and IO


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I'm not sure which title I should use for this topic but since the instance I loved most is Raksang so I'll start with it

Back in 3.0 kahrun quests and Raksang are the main source of exp and gears.Everybody no matter veterans or new players will do raksang to level up.Why people doing it ? Because it's easy ? not just that because it's easy,it's fun and giving u something for the end game then in 4.8 they turn it into long boring and not rewarding solo Raksang and lousy exp.Look back to other solo instances like Haramel and Kromde's Trial why they're so popular ? because it giving people 3 things fun exp and gears.People don't want everything turn into solo.People just want newbie friendly stressless fun instances and something that they can use.

What about AM/EF ? they're quite elite instances but still instances didn't fail instantly if u mess up a boss and u can run it daily so yep even u failed u still can come back for next day,so when elitism started ? the answer is IS people can run only 2 times a week if u mess up at boss the instance failed instantly,Yes I think if we revert back to daily reset instance or 5 times a week like ORB the elitism will be gone and everybody are welcome again.Back to AM/EF they turned it into SAM in 4.8 why it's not popular anymore ? I can think for 2 reasons first the instance itself is very hard and not fun second the skins are untradeable u can't sell skins from this instance,which totally discourage people from doing it.

IO which introduce with 4.5 they introduce 3slots ancient manastones and cool skins healing boost set for chanter but why nobody doing this instance ? First it's too complicated to do it not too hard just too complicated second the skins are untradeable and third chanters can still farm healing boost set from kahrun.

Back to now,all 3 instances removed in 6.0 what we learn from them ? first nobody likes elitism,elitism comes in when you can enter instance few times in one week.we should revert back to daily reset it will make people to run instances daily instead run it all in first day after daily reset with same group over and over.If it's not everyday then at least reset like EB and ORB.Second we need no long solo instance 10 mins should be the time that needs to do it but doesn't mean instance should ends in 10 mins.Third stop with untradeable skins from instances people that want to run it because they can make money with it if people can't make money from instances there's no point to run them.Fourth solo doesn't always mean fun,Group can be fun too as long as it's simple enough remember most players are newbies and they're majority of population stop the elitism already.

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Raksang wasn't all that lolfun, it just gave important rewards for ingame progression. Most people do not run an instance for 'fun' past - let's be generous - the first 200 times or so.

In very much the same way Haramel and KT aren't a super happy amazing wonderful fun time if you go through them often enough - they're just an efficient way to level or a source of very specific skins.

And that's about the only thing I agree with in your post - untradeable skins are a nuisance.

P.S. Screw daily resets. I'd much rather have the freedom to do consecutive runs if time/opportunity permits and the group is working together well. In anything that punishes failure and has a learning curve, consecutive attempts are much better for learning than having to wait until the next day and possibly a different group. And as for your concern about elitism - if you only have one shot per day, who will you take - a person you already know from a good previous experience or a stranger? Think about that. :P

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5 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

Back in 3.0 kahrun quests and Raksang are the main source of exp and gears.Everybody no matter veterans or new players will do raksang to level up.Why people doing it ? Because it's easy ? not just that because it's easy,it's fun [...]

How can you say people ran Raksang for fun when everyone just skipped 80% of the dungeon to just rush to the endboss anyway? People ran it because of those 13-17 very useful and very much needed Kahrun Symbols per run, not because they loved the instance.

If you want less elitism tell NCSoft to stop making instances like Trials/BoS/FM, which are inaccessible to casual players and thus the majority of the playerbase. Especially something like FM is infuriating: the mechanics are simple enough, but the plain stat/gear requirements means that you, as a casual player, either have to join a guild and hope you get invited for a carry one day, or wait for nerfs until you can actually do new content. It shouldn't be the case that ideally you need full Apollon to run Cradle/Trials, and full Harvester to run BoS.

tl;dr I don't think the problem is the limited amount of entries only - FM has 4/week and yet it's never on LFG because of the minimum stat requirements - it's the current gear model, where you need one endgame set to unlock the next upcoming instance, and then start over again. In 3.x you could just work towards your Kahrun set in various ways, and all content (dailies, various instances, housing etc) was geared towards supporting that goal. TS was there as an even better set, but it was optional: even without out it there still was a lot of stuff you could do.

Challenging content is nice and a must, but it shouldn't be the case that all new content in a patch is locked behind gear requirements.

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Mirash Sanctum doesnt require gear. And stuff from Frozen Monolith is actually not unique to it. The gear dropped from it is the level 75 Spinel Coin gear, which you can farm without even going into Reshanta. The other only benefits of FM are the soulstones (which come from several different places) and a material for the Prowess set (which we originally considered a skin set but actually has rather nice stats).

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Sorry for sayin this, and I know some people - of the so called "casuals" - will call be me out for this and hate me as an elitist ****, BUT


those instances are mostly not locked because of gear issues (obviously you should match some basic stats requirements, but those are easy to get even for "casuals"/newer players) but because people are too casual about even learning how to play their own class correctly and putting in some basic efforts to get some working rotations down or learning how to weave.

Sorry, but if you want to run new high level content, then as a melee you should be able to at least weave 75% semi-perfectly. Yet i see TONS of physicals/melees who don't even have a clue about weaving and just spam their skills.

Same for magic classes. I see so many people out there who have no clue how to keep up basic buffs or to get rotations going that keep em busy and their dps stable

  • e.g. thronesong as a songweaver. And really. It's NOT hard to keep thronesong up during a fight. Seriously NOT
  • e.g. sorcerers who stay at 25m distance and just spam fireball after they burned their big skills. like really?

And tahts just to give you two simple examples.


It is true, you don't need CoE gear to run CoE, or Bastion gear to run BoS. We finished CoE in CAMPAIGN gear. BUT most of the players out there, use "casual" as an excuse so they don't need to put in any minimal effort. Hence most peoples dps is just plain abysmal, and hence why they need CoE gear to run CoE cuz it helps them to get some minimal dps in without having to learn how to play.

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