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Sky Island Commander Chesuminit Loot Fiasco


Should NCSoft get off their butts and do something about this.  

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I personally find it ridiculous that it takes longer to loot the boss to grab your omega than it takes to actually do the instance. I think I speak for everyone when I say I really don't want to wait forever not being able to loot because there are 200+ people. So I'm going to do the devs a favor and supply some ideas for how to fix this fiasco.

1) Make the omega a quest drop. Really its not that hard.

2) Make a special box as a quest drop that has a chance of dropping omega, and some other items that drop from the boss like stigma sacks we can chose our stigs from.

3) Allow for multiple players to loot a mob, or even bosses as once.

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1 hour ago, knee-DN said:

There is no omega dropping from the sky island commander, it only drops a godstone which does the same sound.

He's talking about the special Sky Island invasion which happens on sundays, not the regular one which is daily. Sunday ones do have a chance of dropping omegas.

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