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with 6.2 patch alot of players back to the game hope game improvment  but i see some issues that really gonna make ppl leave the game if did not get fixed soon

first thing shards : we all knows how this item really importent in this patch it increase dps almost 25% 

and you put it in kinah for with like 2k weely   i was like reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

do you guys even play the game and knows how its work?

if i just mention 1 pve instance

i do IDD x2 daily with my friends and each run cost avg of 15k shards so 30k shards so i need 210k shards weekly just for IDD instance

not including PF/pvp instances /open worlds pvp if i active shards for evry single thing im doing i may use  half mil shard weekly

and you put it with 2k limit? it cant even be joke i hope you understand what going on and fix that on wednesday maintnance  cuz we are not bots to farm that much shards

2nd thing enchanting system is broken in game we only get ancient enchantment and rarely legendary

and that does not even work with  ancient gear

i dont ask you to make enchant easy and make evryone super geard in one day but you should put balance

ancient gear should be super easy to enchant and legendary  normal and ofc ultimate gear which is end game gear should stay hard to enchant

so all new players have chance to back up   some ppl enter this patch with like500 tempering how normal player even if was p2w can catch that?

and the last thing is about unbalance in classes: some classes have no chance vs some classes

like SM fear cant be resisted  seriosly  i play sin i pop my resist skill and he fear me almost instantly and 1 fear= death if he is OP sm

and classes like cleric and chant that cant be die by 1 person with same gear im not gonna talk too much just watch arena of deciplane ranking when fixed and will see rank 1 sm or cleric or chant i dont think you will see some classes like sin even in first 30

and in pve magic classes dmg is really insane i have sorc with half ancient/half legendary +0 no manastone  almost close from my sin dps  that have almost full pve ultimate with full crit

not mension that sin was from highest dps NA 3 weeks ago i wish you provide logical fix at list to some of those issues

@Cyan i hope i see answer on this show you guys care about comunity openion  and sry for make this too long

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Shards can be farmed, and you gotta use them wisely, i don't know how is IDD, but in the other instas i usually don't use shards until the final boss. In Mirash i use 298 shards, coe 960, FM and BoS around 3k. Other than that, in the infinite free time, i just farm stones and shards to replenish my stash.

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14 hours ago, DamRng-KT said:

about classes unbalance SM top pvp/pve dps now

also no one told  you to play sin shadow we all knew that sin nerf inc in 6.x 

and its you fault for not reroll class

also temp dmg nerfed too much chant can even do more dmg now

Your solution is to only play a few classes out of 11 (soon 12)? That's not a good argument. And sins have gotten the nerf bat since around 2.0. With updates, a few will always be stronger but that shouldn't make others nearly worthless to play.

I agree with Shadow. Also, would them being trade-able (even broker-able) be such a bad thing? Maybe bosses could drop ~2,000 shards?

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lol @ sins getting the nerf bat since 2.0...exaggerate much?? 

Really, there's truth in that the classes are still not balanced but what do you expect NCWest to do? this comes from KR, and there are some tweaks in patches up to and including 6.5. For example, temps get a damage buff. Other classes skills changes too.



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Well, actually, your normal dps is without shards, with shards your dps goes up, it's a boost. The problem is the drop rate for shards is not enough compared to the amount you spend (mostly because skills use more than one). With coffin buff the drop rate was ok, but now, it's too low.

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Maybe the best solution for shards issues can be just to reduce the amount used on each skill? can´t be so hard. is just to change few numbers I guess. 

I thing some issues that we have now can be solved just adpating some numbers. We do not need to call the devs in Korea for that. Better if they do not know. We can keep the secret :P 

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