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You must be joking. Event horrible, Management not much better. ATTENTION GM'S

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42 minutes ago, Ksara-DN said:

I think we're talking to the walls.

I think you're right.  Look how many threads there are on the same problems, over and over.  There's clearly a problem with the product being sour, but there's no indication that it's important to them in any way.

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8 hours ago, Shoenfein-DN said:

Summing it up briefly, they talk about "whales" - the big cash shoppers - and their motivation: enjoying being powerful and dominating.  In order to be dominating, however, weaker players are needed, and those are best served by having lots of grinders.  If you lose your grinder base, then all you have left is the big cash shoppers, who are now no longer overpowering, but just average among each other - and that's boring for them.  And then the revenues dry up, because there's no reason for the Kerridwens of the game to invest in gear if there are no weaklings like me around to murder


This. Common sense, but common sense isn't common on these forums.


NCSoft white knights to players that state they are quitting Aion: "Pff, you're quitting? What makes you think you're special? We don't need whiners like you."

Also NCSoft white knights: "Aion isn't dead" or "Aion will never die."


I've seen certain posters (including certain "celebrity" posters cough cough) time and again essentially tell players on the verge of quitting that they are expendable. In reality, those players were not. And now, those who defended NCSoft through awful patches and decisions saying "this is fine" or some variation are starting to see that they dug their own grave.


Best entertainment in Aion now is watching whales fight each other (e.g. Mogang vs. Asian Express) and seeing what happens when big fish meets bigger fish. Sorry whales, but us normal players got tired of being punching bags. Have fun whaling on each other.

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