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You must be joking. Event horrible, Management not much better. ATTENTION GM'S


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Take this from one of your best customers:

1. Y'all do not know what you are doing with the store, items stripped we use to have access to and now released like it the first time. Stupidity level 10

Solution do your job and give a true Korea store. 

2. Discounting individual items, Stupidity level over 9000

Solution: Discount coin,  Buy 8,000 get 10,000 

3. This event is horrible. Prices are more screwy then TIA Event (Which y'all dropped a nuclear bomb on) Stupidity level Unknowable So high there is no number for it. 

Solution: STOP CHANGING PRICES! LET KOREA DEVS HANDLE IT ALL< STOP REQUESTING CHANGES>, you don't know what the heck y'all are doing to this game. 

4. The gear grind only matters to people that are not already in Ultimate. Since I am, in full ultimate pvp and pve, I am fine, others are not. 

Solution: You can tackle this two way, First Stones become a standard mob drop, the rate of success is garbage so it isn't like that will  hurt anything. 

Or you can Fix item 1, and MAKE A STORE worth spending money in.

5. IF this was all done on purpose my only conclusion is y'all are trying to kill this game, either by pure ignorance of the actual game we are playing, or poor management decisions. 

Solution: Poll us more, ask us more questions, forums etc. Or continue doing what you have been doing and well y'all will be searching for new employment. 


Now General thoughts and concerns. 'all 

Y'all have created yet another time sink, this one was much worse then anyone before it, Y'all have release a statement that event will be limited do the content. WHAT CONTENT I CAN SOLO ALMOST ALL OF IT! Seriously wake up before your player base quits. 

Y'all really need to focus on the state of the game, how and why we play this game, and what will keep us playing. Learning what will make us spend money is probably a good plan for the longevity of the game! Also let me clue you ostriches into the world above the sand. The simple fact is there is nothing worth buying on the store, not even Keys for the lock boxes, since the 150 dollars spend on junk, will only net you enough coins to buy one minion, and that minion sells for 500m-1bil, DO THE MATH, have some very basic exercises in house to conduct even the basic understanding of what drives a person to play a game, IT IS REWARDS DUH. I have already stopped playing non siege days to play minecraft, if the state of the game doesn't improve your are looking at the very close sunset of NA Aion. 

My conclusion is that y'all are destroying the game, store, and community, due to mismanagement, and carelessness. The facts are simple to understand, the affects are instantly seen. This isn't a threat either this time, which is why I choose a public forum instead of bugging y'all in petitions. There is no threat of no more money for y'all, its just simple there isn't anything of value to obtain from the store, short of the transformation scroll, once I obtained Sheba the worth to continue  disappeared. Y'all need to wake up now, before it is too late. 


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You are 100% correct. The skins in the store are garbage. The mounts are garbage. Everything in the store now is not worth spending even free BC Coin on if they gave it out. The event would be ok if they had better things to spend the gems on. The tool tip for the enchantment stone clearly states "a BUNDLE of enchantment STONES" that means more than one but it gives one. Why give us the potions? It's just more clutter for our inventories. Contracts would have been a MUCH better reward.

It seems to me that no one at NC Soft actually cares about the game anymore. The content was great, for about a day. Now we know the lore. We're all running around, max level with nothing but grinding for gear to do.

Give us our scrolls back, give us our GOOD events back, give us our skins back!

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NA and EU are like those special twins at school that people hang out with because the teacher said so. If we’re gonna be treated like children, not like customers, then obviously I see no reason to buy any products that bring me no joy or satisfaction whatsoever. I have better chances buying pants with broken zipper and get it fixed myself. 

It’s the same story over and over again. We had a strong start, but pride got stronger, now we see the results of it. Somehow this feels on a personal level, maybe that’s just me, but all I can do in game is get my weeklies on CD and play something else in the meantime. If we, in fact, had the exact same build and BCM as Korea, there wouldn’t be so many issues. Even our GST got nerfed, of all the regions, that’s how special we are.

Their future shard “fix” will be a true testament to our feedback. 

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Great Topic Kerri, 100% correct. @Ciano @Hime

I add some things that would improve the game and solve many problems.

RATE ENCHANT: better it for the love of god, atual is terrible, never i say NEVER the enchant rate is 48% for 10~15 with legendary stones.


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Gonna grab this post just to register my dissatisfaction with the PVE drops. Im playing since the updade running 5 runs of BOS and FM, and all the PF carried runs (Yeah, I pay the NYERK prestige). And...


Seriously? WTF?

Just make the damn FM and BoS drops like IDD, who drop at least 2 good pieces per run, at least my bad RNG on roll can try twice, instead of rolling 2 or drop magic chain on all the 5 runs of the week

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11 hours ago, Kerridwen-DN said:

Also forgot : 

Fort buffs: remove them, or at the very least ought to wear off faster.


While your original post has some really good points, I can't agree with this one.

This fort buff is the only thing in the 9 years of this game that has been able to "fix" an imbalance in numbers. I understand that some factions take advantage of it. (i.e. only when it is high do their players show up to siege and when they don't have a buff, they don't even try) But forts were meant to flip and when one side has fewer active siegers, that is never going to happen.

The buff is fine. OP as hell, but fine. It does what it was supposed to do.

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NC incopetentes officials are doing the same way they did with Tiamaranta event, everything wrong everything badly organized and pushing guela below players, probably saying or you accept this or will not have anything, and what have we done?
Do you know what you probably think?
I think that they can do shit that you will forget, just like what happened with Tiamaranta event, ncwest has painted and embroidered and nobody complains, no one of us has taken anything forward, they make mistakes today hit something tomorrow and are forgiven then they know they are wrong but they also know that soon they will be forgiven

players have let everything pass has forgiven everything, that is why the game this so, they have been testing our patience since always. we always forgive we never take something forward
look at how many topics about the same thing or different things, we could not just do just 1, and ask everything at once to get a single answer on everything.

they are wrong but this is also a mess,
Proof of this is that Cyan answered a topic and did not answer others.

My English sucks, but NCwest is too, so we're fine.

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Im gonna copy abnd paste this util we got a dev or @Cyan answer. Updated based on relevant comments.

1. Can we have the same enchantment success rates as korea have? If not why? And why you changed that?

2. Can you fix arenas ranking? If yes when?

3. Can you fix character eyes displayment? If yes when?

4. Can you raise the number of Legendary pvp Stones that come on the sieges and pvp instances to compensate the enchantment rate? If yes when? If no why?

5. Can you compensate the enchantment rate putting stones on blackcloud shop?

6. Can you put gp on arenas, and pvp instances?

7. Can you low the price on shards in the gold sand chop?

8. Can you low the price on transformations contracs in gold sand shop?

9. Can you lower the fee of the broker?

10. Can you make the siege buff be based on the faction numbers on siege? So it can be more fare.


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Agree with everything you have here, fort buffs I have only done one so really can't comment. Would like to see more of the people that spend a lot come forward with this. Honestly as the player base drops who is going to be left for forts, EC and other content....what little there is. Been back almost 3 weeks and have put some money into it but at this point I am done spending. In fact questioning whether to even stay for now and try again at 6.5, management here is atrocious.

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As a cash shop hero I have to agree with Kerri on most of this, with the exception of the buff, I think the devs are trying to kill the game.  Tons of garbage on the BCM and the enchantment rates are horrendous, no matter how many runs you do or stones you get, takes about 50-100 stones for me to get something to +15, and that's if I'm lucky.  I enjoy the way the game itself is intended, not all gear drops in one single instance and there's a lot to do but seriously, everything is so damn expensive and there isn't really much to make money off of.   For those of us who saved up before this new patch, money is becoming more difficult to make and with everything needing kinah to upgrade with, lets start thinking about that stuff.

But, what do I know about enchantments, I've only been playing this game since day 1, I know nothing about how difficult it was before this patch... give me a nyerking break.

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I love it that two people that are openly admitting they are big cash shoppers recognize what a failure this patch is for people that aren't - and how it impacts the entire game, and in ways that are mostly impacting players that aren't in their same category.

There's a great Youtube channel, ExtraCrediz, it's diversified in topics now, but it was primarily a theory and business for game developers channel in earlier days, and they did a very good profile on the free-to-play business model, and how important the free players are.

Summing it up briefly, they talk about "whales" - the big cash shoppers - and their motivation: enjoying being powerful and dominating.  In order to be dominating, however, weaker players are needed, and those are best served by having lots of grinders.  If you lose your grinder base, then all you have left is the big cash shoppers, who are now no longer overpowering, but just average among each other - and that's boring for them.  And then the revenues dry up, because there's no reason for the Kerridwens of the game to invest in gear if there are no weaklings like me around to murder.

This patch sucked the economic structure out of the game.  Farming and crafting were everything to a lot of players, like me.  For those of us that don't pay in, because we enjoy the grind - not for economic reasons - this is just crippling.  I was lucky enough to plan ahead, and I'm still sitting on billions of kinah, and have a dozen sharptooth bikes, and 50 or so housing storage cabinets, all to sell...financially in-game I'm fine.  I can't imagine what it's like for people that did not sock away a lot of stuff before, and for new players this new economy is an impossible situation.

It won't just be gear sales for players like Kerri that slow down.  People that bought NCoin and sold stuff in-game to non-cash players will dry up.  Players in game cannot make kinah they need to buy BCM products from Ncoin buyers, so that entire revenue stream will dry up.



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