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Golden Shugo in FM


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Now now there, here is what I find insulting, previously I would take alts into FM, hoping to get a shugo announcement, if I got one, we would either go in with the team claim the shugo, roll and then do the boss, or later on I would take myself and a friend (or even solo slowly) just to claim the shugo.

I would get shugos some times in a row, other times it might have needed like 6~10 trials to get one, RNG is what drives this game.

BUT the last week, we took in 12 alts, 4 entries per each, that is 48 entries, none of them got a single shugo announcement. Is this another willing nerf these people did to delete this game? Please, I know they have the power to change rates, RNG and everything, the fact they pretend they have no power over these things is at least insulting towards us.

48 entries one after another, and not a single shugo! Not even the smuggler that is 99,9% worthless.

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Honestly, I feel like something broke in the last week with RNG in general. It's almost like they intentionally or unintentionally reduced success rates. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to get a single piece of gold gear from 10-15; probably 300-400 golds at this point and a bunch of legendaries. I haven't seen a single shugo after about 15 BOS. l regularly craft 20 golds with estate and proc 0 or 1 too. 

This is a far cry from the week before, where i was able to get 5 peices of my gold gear to purple and got 2 shugos; crafting was roughly 1 in 4 or 1 in 5. There's something wrong. It's not just "bad rng." All of my friends are stuck on single pieces of gear. It's not just me. My friends are also quitting in droves because they literally can't get anything to go right. They refuse to pay to reset instances for nothing. Something is nyerked up. The contrast between 3 weeks ago and today is way, way outside of any reasonable confidence interval. 5 peices to +15 vs. 0 is just too different. 2 shugos vs. 0. Probably 25/100 procs vs. 5/100.

If it was just the shugos or just the crafting; maybe... but it's not. It's everything.

The last week of shit aside, there's nothing less fun then logging in to nothing to do, literally having to pay for something to do, then getting absolutely nothing out of it. It literally amazes me how NC can't get this through their heads. Fix enchantment rates. Fix legendary stone availability. Reset twice a week instead of once. Allow us to actually make kinah because everything in your game costs kinah for some nyerk reason. It's not that hard. It would literally take a few hours to do all of this and the game would have so many more players. Anyway, end of rant. 

TLDR: RNG has sucked nyerk for the last 2 weeks and I'm sure that something was changed.

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I think most people who are in this forum want to help, but not all.
Many people write about problems, ideas and suggestions for AION. Then you can identify three different types of people.

1) People who give suggestions.
2) People who criticize decisions.
3) People who attack the two groups above.

The third group is always describing the opposite of everything that people are complaining about. This group never focuses on AION problems. Their business is to criticize and attack people, even if the problem is known to everyone. This is the case with Aly-DN. So I suggest ignore him.

About nerfs. I also had this perception. Apparently the time of SHUGO has been reduced, but there is a theory about it. 

Maybe they are betting on recurring failure. This is a business model that works (Casinos work like this). Recurring failure takes a many people to a vicious process of attempts.

But to me, when I think about MMO, I think this strategy runs in the opposite direction of success because a game needs to be fun.

Betting on frustration may work temporarily, but over a very long period people tend to look for another game.

Betting on a MOBILE version where competition is high can speed up some AION emptying process, but i dont know.

There is no way to know. We need to wait to see how people will react to this, but I think things do not go very well for AION in this moment. That's just my opinion.

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