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There's a reason why NCSoft is needing to restructure NCWest and you can bet your donkey side community management is a major part of the problem.

This is to NCWest and all the community management teams and yes you too Cyan for all your bs ..!.. - those resumes are going to be a joke when it comes time to find a new job.

Anyone in the gaming industry Is going to laugh simply seeing that listing on the resume.

  You all can go to H E double hockey sticks for stealing from your player base and ruining games that could have been as successful as other prominent games.  

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They don't care about us, that's nothing new. I mean, they REALLY don't. And if you think that ranting to them in their forums that they never read anyway is earning us any points to get anything fixed in this game, well you can keep wasting your time I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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