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EK is single player


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and more benefits...

- just going to the sieges you will be governor or at least great general soon. And will have Xforms
- when cubrinerk entry appears, you can do it twice (if you are fast enought)
- you don´t have to read all the drama in LFG
- easier to do camps, cause nobody will steal your mobs :o 

just a joke. 

Really, if you are specting a solution like a free transfer or some advertisement to get more players there, I do not think that will happen, or at least not soon. 

I strongly suggest to you to start playing in oneof the older servers (or come back to your old account) Things will not improve in that server. I know it sucks. Wasn´t supposed to be like that, but it is what we have. We knew it was a risk to be in a new server in our currently situation. We had the experience from Beritra server. so... really come back to your old account or a new one in the old servers and give the same suggestion to the few players you see there. 

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