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Can we get the official Aion?


Do you want the official Aion or the nerfed one?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Offical aion vs Nerfed Aion

    • Yes, please revert everythign to the original/official aion (as it is intended and played in EVERY aion in the world except ours)
    • No, leave the nerfed Aion as it is.

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I cannot believe we are the joke around the Aion community at the moment. We have everything nerfed. We used to make fun of Aion EU for having everything nerfed in the past, people had to make complaints in order for their GMs to bring back the original rewards in instances and other stuff.

But 6.2 came and our publishers thought it would be great to reduce us down thinking this would make the game better for us or something! Right now there is nothing better in Aion NA than any Aion in the world, whatever others have, we have it worse!

  • Our transformations have nerfed stats
  • Our transformations have nerfed time
  • Our BCM is more empty than other cash shops (they said they are adding things, they added some but that is so slow, BCM = money for them)
  • Our Gold Sand trader shop is more empty than other publishers
  • Selective retuning takes 1 Luna normally, WE NEED 160 luna (aka 2$) per selective retuning, give 2$ to get a chance to lower that 1 stat, REALLY!
  • Transparent transformation scrolls are 1 NC coin = 20 transformation scrolls EVERYWHERE except us, we used to have them 80 NC coin for 1 scroll, 1$ to look like your char for 4 minutes... now they made it 20 NC coin for 1..., which is ridiculous since our transformations have a nerfed time!
  • We have no skins left anywhere except thsoe few that nobody wants, while other developers are giving their gamers every skin possible in the game to fill up the gap that  6.2 patch made, we get nothing.
  • We are the only Aion that has no events anymore (the ones we get are insulting us)

I am sick of people saying "our publishers are only a few and they do not have time to fix this or that"... my question is did they have enough time to screw our game? If I was a new player (and since I am from Europe) I wouldn't even consider NA, it is just that I play here for many many years and I cannot quit everything to start over in another part.
Remember I am not asking you to fix anything, or change something for better, I am asking you to stop touching the game, if you do not care about it, at least let us enjoy the real Aion!

I am making this thread because 6.5 is coming, I hope we get the real 6.5 with the official stats, otherwise this game will continue to die a little more every day.

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1 hour ago, catsu-KT said:

Reducing the price off the legion mount(since it's 7 days) would also be a nice addition


47 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

Reducing the price of the enchantment bag at fort would be nice too, takes a while to gather 200 legion coins to gain just 1 ancient stone.

If the official prices are like this, we wouldn't even dare to ask them to lower them because someone would jump in and say "this is how the game is designed" but the rest of the nerfs they intentionally did are awful. Who had the bright idea to destroy a game that is already dieing?

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I doubt we will get the original Aion. I know one thing for sure is that the NCWest is probably the most stubborn publisher in the aion community. Imagine they could have simply taken aion and publish it here, they literally took the time to nerf many things before they published, they probably brag about their achievement.

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On 5/30/2019 at 11:11 PM, EnemyOfGod-KT said:

Bring back the Abyss, the Flight, flight time stats in accessories, flight speed (and somewhere flight time) stats in gear!!! It's a boring game without flight!

I felt this post in my soul. Why even bother having wings if we can barely ever use them? It what set Aion apart from WAR or WoW for me back when it launched. I feel like no matter what we say, or how much we say it, we're just yelling into the void. The devs don't care about our feedback anymore

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On 6/13/2019 at 7:33 PM, NetRunner-DN said:

I want to go "officially" back to v2.7 or even to v4.6/v4.7, or finally open a sexy AION Hardcore Classic Server in mentioned version/s.

I really gonna never adapt to this braindead crap since v5.x +

I would give anything for a classic Aion.  To me, those were the best days.  Yes, even the rage moments of enchanting, trying to proc gold gear in crafting (don't get me started on handicrafting) and busting every manastone if you fail one.  I would gladly go through it all again just to have the Aion I fell in love with.  Rifting, the abyss...can I just have a moment of silence for the shard wars?. While a lot rather blink and be max level, myself and many others didn't mind the grind.  Why?  Because once you got to the top you felt more accomplished.  Fenris, while frustrating to no end was an amazing journey.  Honestly, if I had a soul to sell..I would for Aion classic.  But alas, I am lacking in that department.  Revive Aion, don't give up on it.  If we haven't just yet, then nor should you!

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I used to have so many friends in this game, but ever since they started screwing us over, everyone is gone. I've tried so many times to come back only to give up within a week. If anyone knows a better game please share, because honestly I'm sick of this money pit, not to mention game etiquette is next to non-existent. (thanks for taking out the personal store Devs...now I can't even quest without being mobbed)

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