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14 hours ago, RegretThis-EK said:

I’m flattered you think our 30 elyos will make a difference.

Actually it might. Those of you who have chosen to remain on EK despite it being super dead is because you are pretty geared, right? At least full legendary, probably some ultimate pieces too. Some of you with legendary transforms. So 30 geared Elyos might help DN-E a lot actually. (Same statement for 30 Asmos to KT-A.)

Not that it matters since NCsoft doesn't seem to want to let any of you transfer off of EK. :(

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15 hours ago, Zombiex-DN said:

yea come to KT elyos or DN asmo to make a server more unbalanced

You mean we're actually going to get some Elyos players on KT who are actually playing the game and not just standing around getting AFK rewards for everything? Rofl speak for your own sever only; bc you clearly don't know KT all that well to think we're "unbalanced" solely due to number of registered characters.

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2 hours ago, Helleana-EK said:

I noticed logging in earlier that new players cannot make a character on EK. You can only make characters if you already have one there. Also, I noticed that house bidding is inactive. Does anyone know why this is? I'm merely curious. Is there some future plans for this server?

Mmmmm suspicious...

i see a server shutdown and force transfer incoming xD

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