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I like the name Vandal for what we've seen of the class, but I'm wondering if they had a different name in the past as far as lore goes- like in the EU patch notes it says 

"The History of the Painter starts with the Original Painter, Irunin. Together with Siel’s support he created the Aether Colours and took gifted students under his wing. Yet after Siel sacrificed herself in the Cataclysm, Irunin disappeared and the Painters were left behind, with no direction to follow. Finally, on the Day of the Storm, chaos broke out anew in Atreia and countless Painters gave their lives saving innocents. It is to the merit of these heroes that the specialisation of Painter is now officially recognised."

So I'm just a little curious what lore or explanation we'll get in that regard! :o 

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3 hours ago, Jakan-DN said:

Oi, GM, o que aconteceu com a página que vocês colocaram no site dizendo que teremos 7.0 no dia 21 de agosto? Eu vi que, quando ilog no site e depois de alguns minutos eu log novamente a página foi embora você está planejando atrasá-lo? depois que vocês postaram no site? o que está acontecendo ? Eu estava animado para ver isso lol.



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On 8/7/2019 at 1:00 AM, Aly-DN said:

I kind of like how they actually thought about it and didn't just Google translate.

Been playing a bit on EU and the English translations there are awful to the point I don't know what some skills actually do. Hoping our translations are better.

For so long on EU they tried to keep the Korean names so this is what we get. Here in NA they try to adapt the names to make more sense for the English speakers. 

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