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Updated Transformation Contract Bundles?*BCM

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As the title says, could we get an updated *BCM contract transformation bundle to reflect the current state of the game?

Bundles are dated.  When 7.0 came out, a gold transform was rare, and a purple one even more rare.  The price was justifiable as a one time purchase for the players who don't spend a lot of money, and not too bad for the 'whales' to get their purple transforms.

But now, any new player has to spend a very long time to get a purple transformation, which is almost essential to all content in the game.  The white transformation contracts that essentially never even give you Ancients, with the guaranteed Ancient for the 6400 purchase, is just wasteful. 

Perhaps the bundle could either have the Shining Lugbug 44 type contracts (guarantees green, rarely gives purples) or have a guaranteed purple in it.

Or maybe another solution somewhere that I can't see.  But these bundles are grossly overpriced and outdated for the state of the game.

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Azphelumbra Daeva. I see poor Cyan has been purged and in his place 2 more has appeared. Didn't you know if you want to compete at a basic level in this game you gotta use that wallet of yours? If your wallet can't handle it but you still wanna compete in this game you gotta mingle with the elites. If you can't do those but still wanna compete in video games you ought to do yourself a favor and move on to greener pastures. That's one solution I offered! Have fun Daeva. Oh and its okay people i've heard the our wallets will make NCSoft do something argument save your breath Daevas! NA is no longer great, it never was actually I dunno what that boomer in the white house is going on about. KR is king. Long live the king long live asia!

- A pepega sIeeping knight from a time long gone dwelling in greener pastures now kekw.

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10 hours ago, awkward-DN said:

Kaisinel is way, way better than Marchutan anyway :(  For almost every single class in the game.  Only real exception is heal spec clerics.

Chanters too. I'm cast speed AND attack speed capped with Marchutan. I'm only attack speed capped with Kaisinel.

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13 hours ago, Shaidessa-KT said:

omg I try and make a post and it ends up in the entirely Wrong Thread

Thank you, you evil potato computer.

someone delete or move plz

Done. Thanks for the post / sharing your thoughts.

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4 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Chanters too. I'm cast speed AND attack speed capped with Marchutan. I'm only attack speed capped with Kaisinel.

Casters need Kaisinel because we get the c.speed cap easily with Kaisinel (since we already have it in our weapons) but we no longer have attack speed weapons so the extra attack speed of Kaisinel helps us cap attack speed too.

Attack speed users need Marchutan (at least those that can benefit from c,.speed as well) for the same reasons, they get capped at attack speed easily with it and get that extra c.speed they might need in a few skills.

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2 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

Isn't attack speed capped at 50%? If cap is reached so easily (sorc,sm?) then trading cast speed from book/orb for another stat would be the best option. 

Ultimate transforms give an additional 10% bonus cap at attack speed.

Attack speed is capped at -50%, with kaisinel it goes to -60% (a base attack of 1 would be 0.5 with normal cap and 0.4 with the ulti cap)

Casting speed is capped at -75% but there is no break in it (I think, and also if I remember correctly the exact number). People can reach 0.3 c.speed with legendary transforms and with ulti it remains 0.3 even though the ulti casting speed buff is much higher. So we still need casting speed in our weapons to reach the cap.


As for attack speed we have no attack speed bonuses anymore in the weapons, so we need an ulti transform with the most attack speed possible, so Kaisinel is better for us which caps our attack speed (and our c.speed too of course)

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