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Renewal website ? when ? and what u should do first ?


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You said new website coming after merge ?
I don't believe web developers and game developers are same people.

The old website is very detailed but only updated til 3.0
Look at gameforge website their website contains only faction and classes information but updated.

Look around the world.

Aion Taiwan


Aion China


Aion JP


Aion Russia


Aion Korea


To be honest I like Taiwan website most.

You don't need to put everything at once just put few information like faction and class but updated.

And people will come to play,remember the website is the first judgement to decide to play the game or not.

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Just let them keep working with all the post merge stuff, they gonna give us new website soon, they have been doing everything they put on the list they shared aorund 10 months ago, it's been even faster than i tought it would be, so keep calm and keep playing ^^

5.3 - Done
5.5 - Done
5.6 - Done
Faster Updates to be closer to Korea - Done
New Forum -  Done
Investigation about cheaters - Done
Massive Ban and warnning to cheat users - Done
Merge - Done
Webstie - Comming Soon.

It's probably the next on the list after all the post merge stuff is finally done.

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