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Additional Update regarding the Glyph Feature


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I read in the description by your link: "

A New Equipment Slot

Daevas can prepare for Unshackled Fate to bring them an entirely new equipment slot for storing Glyphs! Glyphs provide resistance to various control effects, such as Fear, Sleep, and Stun, as well as other bonuses."

What is this slot, in what equipment? I don't see any such slot in my equipment!


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What color means what on the Glyph's stats? The description shows  Black (actuallly white)=Normal,  Yellow =Ancient, Purple=Leg., Red=Ult., but I have white, Orange and Purple. What means orange? It's less than purple.



Why does the enchanting window shows only 1 stat Magick Attack if Magic Defense also changed? If  magic Defense didn't change, why is it purple?

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19 hours ago, HelliosRed-KT said:


Magic Defense doesn't change, still it's purple. Now the main stat is Magic Accuracy, it's rather high but white. The last time Magic Attack was rather low in the range of possibilities but it was orange.  What does it all mean?  

The stat color does not include your tuning stats. It's only from your random enchantment stats.

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