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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

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Guys, I think I got the job! Recruiter lady called me this morning and said the offer has to be approved by upper management, but I should hear back from her this afternoon!!     E

So good news, you don't see the cutting device because mine used a suction device that has the bonus effect of blacking out your vision. Tbqh, that was the worst part. Most uncomfortable, alarming, an

So, for our ten year wedding anniversary, we're doing a rewedding in the style we wanted back in the day, but we'd had to do a religious wedding for my parents. Going full nerd with it. "Mawwage is wh


Finding a new therapist because other one doesn't have an opening for over a month, and I'm not dealing with this for another month when I have a couple possible job opportunities coming up that I need to be a functional human being for! I WANT A COOL JOB, lol.

As always, nyerk depression. </3



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5 hours ago, Larxe-KT said:

Does leveling in Aion still take forever, 66 to max level? I don't know if there had been changes.?

Uhm, if you're actively leveling, I think it would take max. 3 days, depends on your playstyle though. It's much easier nowadays. :3

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3 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I've AFK'd luna my way to 72 on my main so far, while missing a bunch of XP weekends and stuff.

Hmmm, I see. Thanks!

9 minutes ago, Bryos-KT said:

No, its 4.

-1 on helpful posts Bryos! I knew you weren't perfect.

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