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My guess of Aion NA release date of 6.x


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Frist it's just a guess based on possibility what happened in the past it's not a fact so it might not happen :D

So what's the first clue ? the first clue come from gameforge announced that they going to release 6.2 date in around a month (this post is on forum on june 4th)
Second clue is release of 6.0 in Korea.If anyone remembered the first mentioned of 6.0 is around 21st dec 2017 and release date was 17th jan 2018 that's about a month.
So if they going to tell release date in a month they should make players no longer wait more than a month which give us the clue that gameforge release date is around August 2018.
Third clue is history of NA release date since 5.3 they always release 1 month before gameforge that make NA release date is July 2018
But it's not over yet if you checked history of all regions of Aion CN TW always release first before JP and RU but this time as this moment non of those regions released 6.x yet.
So my guess would be they might release every region all together in same time so it might be August 2018.
NA usually announced patch 2-3 weeks before the released date so after 18th July and no announcement you can assume that this guess is just wrong xD

So yep my guess is around July or August thank for reading for fun :)

Remember this is not a fact but just a guess :P

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48 minutes ago, Thiara-DN said:

please dont confuse the desperate and new players with usless speculating, we talking about different companies, with different release plans

I said it's just a guess a lot of people guessing release date on baseless facts without supportive information.I only guess based on possibility in the past :P

I never said it's a fact it's just a guess based on what happened in the past and it could be wrong.

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It didn't need another thread. There are plenty of 6.0 threads involving release date guessing and whatnotnyerk that would be less confusing to new/returning players.


Plus, GF said "approximate" release date, which means even they still don't have any more than half a clue, since "approximate" is a huge CYAss statement. Plus, that "approximate release date" could be in October for all we know, at this rate.

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True, I'd say best if we stop feeding our anxiety over the release date of 6.0  Jus go with the flow, hence play the game, enjoy to its maximum if necessary, also if you must take a break, do that too, play another game even if you wish.  6.x can chill with its date in a cafeteria in Korea drinking lemonade waiting for its flight to NA only to be delayed by the pilot and its unexpected turbulences and awkward stomach aches along with its mass consumption of chocolate and savoury foods....it will come, and when it comes...it will blow the servers away like a raging Modor.  Fair as it is to post in the General discussion topic, such threads are losing its substance in these times.

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34 minutes ago, Neleth-KT said:

Ok I have another guess this is based on lastest information I got on CN server.

Aion 6.x will release after Aion 9th Anniversary event which is 12 or 19 September 2018

Which is this event in korea before release of 6.0


That's something which a few of us already said incl. myself, end of August, early September OR end of September depending on how NCWest will handle all the technical difficulties as always. 

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Just report her and let the CM's decide the fate of her topics.


On ‎6‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 11:20 PM, Cyan said:

Regardless of your feelings on the subject of the topics being made, I would like to remind you all to to conduct yourselves kindly on the forums. If you come across a thread you feel either needs to be moved or removed, please report the thread and we will see it. Contributing to the post with negative comments doesn't help and only makes a potentially rule breaking thread worse. After all, we're all here to play Aion and should enjoy discussing nearly all aspects of it.

Thank you.


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