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Dead no update on webpage or info given to the players on 2 months only 1 CM to our forums while EU already have 6.2 patch, better exchange gear table and youtube content to keep their players up to date on info, avoid this p2w game the old aion is dead and our 6.0 version gona be even worst than the actual 5.8 fully p2w system made to make you pay to be able to compete on endgame pve or pvp.

They decided to milk to dead the p2w playerbase with enchant events before they launch the patch knowing that the gear they get in exchange will be rubbish in matter of 2 to 3 months as you can see thers no point to waste your time i alrdy take off my main account and move to other game even being geared and rdy for 6.0 thers no point investing yout time money and effor on a company that doesn't care anymore about theyr users and only see us as wallets.

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Looking at populations of different MMORPGs, Aion isn't huge.

Though keep in mind that we are supposed to get 6.x at some point which is a radical restructuring of the game so the population being in a slump is understandable. Before 6.x dropped in EU, they had around 700 people playing at 4pm EST (10pm CEST). Yesterday EU had over 2300 playing at that same time.

Some people hail the new patch as a rebirth of the Aion of old. Others see it as going more and more pay2win. Those that have (still are) testing this patch by playing on the EU servers mostly like the changes. I am skeptical, but admit that Aion wasn't working the way it was.

This would be a good time to get in and test things out. Test out the graphics and performance. Check out the different classes and systems. Figure a few things out. Don't worry about the population right this moment. Keep in mind that some of what you see will be changing. If you like what you see generally, keep an eye out for any announcement of 6.x here.

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The P2W and Grind are real... but don't get dragged by negative people like YoRHa

1- If you take your time grinding, doing alts and taking advantage of events you can be almost on par with most P2W

2- Our exchange gear is better.   ( yes i know they give compensation for +15 crap gear from a year ago but you don't want to upgrade that Ancient exchange gear, there is no point at all as you can farm for the Best Ancient gear in a week the one you will purify into the best red gear) but in the relevant things our exchange is better than EU.

3- Power Up events are big help for F2P ppl, anyone with dedication can have full stigmas +9 (thing that will be a lot harder in 6.0) or to reach accesories +8 or even +9 for a decent exchange without dropping a single dolar.

4- PvE is not that hard, stating you need to be P2W to do PvE content it's just plain salty.

5- For the ppl alrdy crying over transformation contracts, yes they are in fact P2W, but you can also grind them as they are Account wide and you can farm Luna and Normal instances with your alts.

6- Quite a few ppl took a break from the game in the past few months, thing is normal knowing all our current gear will be useless from lv 76 onwards, but a lot of them plan to come back for 6.0, and proabably a good amount of new and old  players will join too.

 If you are here on the forums you have some interest in the game already, i would advise you to find your pin and put your toons in order or you could lose kinah and items as we are really close to the update maybe october 17, also if you are into crafting and you have old materials stashed come craft now before they remove old professions :D

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