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Can we talk about the stigma enchanting nerf?


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10 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

I have managed to enchant 9 of my stigmas to +9 in the power up events (2 stigmas in the current event) and im a f2p, so i dont think you have to be a p2w to achieve it, you just have had bad luck.

you got VERY lucky. I have yet to get my stigma to what it was. +7 lol. It keeps failing 4-5. 

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Last power up I tried to enchant 1 stigma to +9 and I got it to +8 five times, but every time it failed to +9.  After using more than 80 stigmas of that type from my storage, the broker, friends, and all the bundles I could get ahold of on the server, I bought close to $120 of them from the bcm since that was my only option left to get as many as I thought I needed.  I got nothing but my +7 at the end, which I already had at the start.  Don't get me wrong I've made eight +9 stigmas, but something in the last three power ups seem very wrong.  If you remember the urgency of the two before this one, how it was done as an "emergency" overnight patch by NCSoft to cover up for the terrible "failed" events, it's not hard to believe that they made it much harder to succeed in enchanting, as part of their contingency plan.

Anyways, when a couple of them went from +8 all the way down to +1 or failed below +5, I switched to new base stigmas, since I heard the rng is tied to the base stigmas.  Even after trying 5-6 different base stigmas, very few of them could get above +7 even after five attempts or more.  So the mechanics seem to have completely changed.

People need to wake up and realize this really isn't about luck, there's probably a hidden formula to succeed in these enchants that NCSoft and other gaming companies don't reveal to us.  It is in their best interests to keep us believing that it is purely lucky based, but even fornite has these type of psuedo-luck mechanics that seems like they are purely luck based, but really they include more than 10 factors in a equation we can't see.  If it was simply luck, a lot of us would probably be way better off.

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