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Questions about 7.0/Stream


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2 minutes ago, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

Still 1/2s cast time even with the 2019-01-30 update


→ Duration increased from 15s to 20s, reduces MP consumption by 50% instead of 20%.

Also loving this so aetherblaze matched with vaziel's wisdom duration.

Feel like they reintroduced Lumiel's wisdom with this skill :D

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16 hours ago, Cyan said:
  • IDD are we really getting just 2 entrances?(prob we will get this answered on patch notes tomorrow)
    • With Prestige Pass, yes


I hope you will reconsider this very soon. As a mid-level instance, it is important than IDD get more than 1/2 entries for new/returning players to gear up.

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17 hours ago, Cyan said:


  • +12 enchantment stigmas and rates will be improved?( the greater slot was only added on later patch but we are getting the slot right?)
    • Was there a specific patch in Korea this was implemented? I can follow up.


@Cyan also on the topic of stigmas, other regions had stigma enchantment events (similar to the ones we had in 5.x with safe spots), before people go and waste all their hard earned  stigma enchant stones trying to go for +12 it'd be nice to know if we're getting a similar event (you mentioned on the stream that events are coming with the anniversary next month), and hopefully have it announced with enough time in advance to prepare (back in 5.x the stigma enchant events were announced weeks in advance). This benefits both the company as it would drive sales of stigma enchants on the BCM, and f2p players can also prepare buying them with kinah (with gold bars or from other players), make it a win/win situation and not another rage storm like it's the norm with enchanting related topics.

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7 minutes ago, Rikimaru-KT said:

Is "Irnin's Armor Skin Set" just skin or legendary gears? 

I believe it's just skins as the requirement for getting them is very small. All you have to do is have a level 30 somewhere on your account and create a Vandal. Boom. You get the free-things. EU gave the legendary gear, but you were required to get the Vandal to 80 first.

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Vandal / Painter skills preview

New skill effects:

targetchannelling: You must maintain a laser on your target in range in order to keep the skill effects active. Your movement speed is decreased by specified amount. Ends early if you use another skill, item, or you get stunlike'd.

OnetimeGetBoostedDamage: Damage received by target are increased by specified percentage.

HealAndFireONZeroHP: Prevent death once and restore your HP by amount. Optionally may trigger a skill.

SkillATKDrain: Physical damage over time, with optional life leech.

SummonChannellingArea: Looks like to be similar to SummonSkillArea (An untargetable NPC summoned on target area. The NPC uses its own skills), but requires to be maintained in range with a laser.

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