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A poll for unwanted things

Since we can do this poll , just quick survey on what really frustrates people  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick the thing the you really don't like

    • Cubics
    • Item collections
    • Rng (minion fusing/upgrading S) , Transformation Fusing , Enchanting Stigmas / Daevanation / Gears / Yornforge
    • PVE hardmode difficulty
    • World Bosses Guild Member killing
    • Map Recycling

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2 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

You forgot to mention "lack of pvp content with reasonable rewards"

yeah sadly i cant edit it out. also forgot the class balance . even though i put it out there , nothings gonna change Aion is not their priority anymore. but lets hope for a good updates.

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Besides RNG, I don't think any of those issues are real reasons why people might quit Aion.

In general, I think the primary reason one might quit Aion is the overall lack of access to resources that are necessary to progress your character, such as kinah, enchantment stones and manastones. In addition to that, almost all of the methods we have to access said resources are gated by the lack of access to experience marks.

Making everything cost experience marks was a killer.

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I actually like some those features as features but not how they are implemented now.

  1. It all comes down to the acquisition aspect Hard mode instances are hard because people who came back in 6.X really had to choose between getting their PvE gear up or their PvP gear up because the flow of stones was simply not enough unless you had above average RNG for enhancing gear. Very few people can actually get enough gear to attempt and pass them due to the high acquirement requirements.
  2. Cubic's first implementation was great everyone finished most of it for the most part so long as you put in effort it was only after they removed the good ways to obtain cubic's that it became bad.
  3. The item collection system is fine it in fact is a great system to have players run content with old players, However the systems for acquisition are dumb. All Easy mode instances should have a box of loot for everyone making it worth while taking in players with rubbish tier gear.
  4. RNG is fine so long as you can acquire the materials for a reasonable amount of attempts through playing the game not waiting around for events to give items to us.
  5. World bosses are world bosses, They have never changed since the dawn of time they have always had greedy players who have more time than others hoarding the loot from them.
  6. Recycling maps can be done good or it can be done poor, Aion did it poorly and implemented systems from other games people hate like region renown to try and force players to log in more often for the upkeep rather than just letting the content speak for itself.


Rate of Acquirement is the only real issue Aion has and they will not fix that problem because having a bad Rate of Acquirement increases spending for enjoyment.

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The RNG is the No 1 reason by far, and that is mostly because many resources are either impossible to get or when you manage to get them ,they are rendered useless via RNG.

The second most hateful thing is exclusive content and items that are impossible to get normally unless you pay real money or unless you do something that most people can't, like do a hard mode on an instance that only 1~2 groups can do. If you remember the biggest wave of quitters came when The Eternal Bastion was out and static alliances spammed it non stop.

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