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Hi everyone,

Want to take time and say BIG THANK YOU to NCWest and people who work on AION project and everyone who is involved.

Thank you for new website, new server, new update, new event and many other parts that came along with the update, including enchantment rates, black cloud shop items, drop rates etc.

Thank you @Cyan, @Hime, @Gideon.


Dear community,

Please join me and give a minute to say thank you.


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Thank you to NCSoft West for doing their best and God yes the new website had been so desperately needed. My beef is with NCSoft based in Korea. They're the ones ruining things in the west if you ask me. NCSoft West needs more freedom to make changes for the western market.

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Sure why not.  Thank you for taking years of our efforts and millions of our kinah/real world money as well and throwing it all down the drain.   Thank you for taking the effort to gear yourself and learn to play and throwing all of that away so you can go ahead and hand this  me generation an experience that very few will find rewarding and enjoyable.   There are many things that could have been done to make the game better and more exciting but you didn't and instead did this, whatever it is.    Makes it all seem worthless unless you are an absolute new player who has never experienced any of what we had before.   

Will I still stick around?  Maybe but since most of my toons now serve no purpose I can see no reason to rinse and repeat the new map on a daily basis and will most likely end up with just one or two characters and classes that I enjoy the most.   I was here in the very beginning and will most likely be here in the end though I foresee that to not be that far away at the pace we are going at now.

RIP indeed.  Already seeing low pops.

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