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Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?


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5 minutes ago, 2s8C8D8-DN said:

Is that mean I can have a slot to create Vandal and play with it without worrying about deleting one of my toon?  Thanks.

I think that would be better than making player purchase an additional slot to be able to try out for new class.  

Black Desert does that to player.  They give you a slot when they have new class out so you can create that class and play instead of deleting your other toons to make room.  

No. That's not what it means.

Prestige Pack players cannot create extra characters even though they are supposed to be able to. So the give-away for creating a vandal has been extended. You still have to pay in order to create more than 8 characters.

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1 hour ago, Aly-DN said:

You still have to pay in order to create more than 8 characters.

Well, as has been noted previously, we might be able to make more toons for free if the free trial version of the prestige pack is still available. To my knowledge, they have yet to address whether or not the trial version will unlock the extra slots, however. *sigh*

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8 hours ago, Afterglow-KT said:

Was it 100 yellow crit stones, sheep candies and chicken headgear?

Glad you ask :D here is the list of rewards


- OP Weapon:

[Event] Noble Daevanion Basic Weapon Box  x 2  (can be used from lv 1 and For Magic classes this is better than a lv 50 ancient weapon)



[Title] New Friend

[Event] Twin's Crated Mount x 4 ( 7 day selectable mount)

[Expand Card] Expand Cube Ticket (lvl 4)

Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day) x 2

Fantastic Dye Box  x 5

[Event] Name Change Ticket

[Motion Card] Socialite

Special Stigma Chest

Berdin Stars

Tombstone of Revival

Revival Stone


-Skins  (all skinable 1 time)

Brilliance Wings 

Hyperion Wings 

[Event] Ornate Phoenix Wings 

Baby Angel's Spiritual Wing Feather

[Event] Archdaeva Danuar Weapon Box 

[Event] Archdaeva Danuar Armor Box 

Noble Daevanion Head Protector Box 

[Event] Birdbrain Box 



[Event] Tempering Solution x 4

[Event] Omega Enchantment Stone


Also it gives 2 sets of armor not skinable some 7 and 15 days skins and motions and a lot more items, but these i listed are the most useful.


Source [Event] Helpful Welcome Bundle  https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188054406/

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The thing about this that surprises me is that this issue concerning our extra character slots for we Prestige members wasn't fixed by the maintenance on August 28th! My Prestige just renewed so I hope this is fixed soon for I'd like to create a Vandal on my main account (and later on an SW). I guess we'll see what next week's maintenance brings eh? :(

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I’m sorry but the lack of response to the playerbase in regards to our concerns is just ruthless:

The Vandal Gear Pack will be extended until after we've received a fix for the additional character slots (won't be this week). We've been working with the development team but still encountering the issue. We'll let you know the extension date once the issue is fixed. 

You have a playerbase begging for reasons to stay loyal and remain customers by paying for prestige passes and he’ll even the free to play members yet you poop all over there questions and concerns the above excuse is just that a simple Copout I’m sorry but as one person listed above 90% of the current items received for being a prestige member are outdated and irrelevant (Not helpful to say the least) drop rate (poop) buff (poop) and extra instance run (this one is “okay”) and here you give a dwindling playerbase something to look forward to and you’re doing everything you can to screw it all up and this was directed towards loyal paying prestige members and it’s just being ignored by what feels like a computer generated response, we don’t know but when we do we’ll let you know. That’s crap. 

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18 minutes ago, Karashi-KT said:

On the EU server they gave Irnin's Armor legendary armor and weapon and 2 boxes of stigmas, I think that ncsoft should give us the same as compensation plus the gifts that were already listed, don't I know what you think about it?

Umm. Huh? If EU jumps off a bridge, does that mean we have to as well? Sarcasm, yes. But perhaps you understand what I am saying. The give-away for the launch of the Vandals was always listed as "skins" here. They were never listed as actual armor. And it's not as if we won't be getting those skin. The time to get them has just been extended because the Prestige Pack is broken. 

If you want gear on your vandal, you are going to actually have to run instances for it.

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