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S rank minion salvage box is going to be sent out today?


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They delayed the ultimate transform selection box for hours when there was a promotion and it was for way less people then. Imagine now.

They promised it for today. The only problem is that they don't communicate what's going on behind the scenes. A simple announcement to let us know things are going to happen today or tomorrow would help.

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2 hours ago, Unbuff-DN said:


They promised it for today. 

More precisely, they promised it “not later than 20th of January”, so today is really the deadline.


1 hour ago, Lerio-KT said:

Ok let's see ,technically it's still the 20th of Jan. Trying to think rationally here ,"no later than" meaning it could be 11:59:59.999pm.

Technically, it can be even tomorrow or in 1 week and they will say “we apologize for the delay”, won’t be surprised 

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1 hour ago, AnaBanna said:

hi! Does everyone get it? 'cause i logged and i don't have it. I'm new... :(

You have to have 4x A-rank minions, fully upgraded and combine those, regardless of the outcome you would be awarded a box with an s-rank minion  and it was random, but you had the chance to re-roll for the outcome up to 10 times using s-minium.

And I also got nonsense results.

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